GREEDTOWN: Arkansas Town Has 1,500%+ More Claims Than Farmers

GREEDTOWN: Arkansas Town Has 1,500%+ More Claims Than Farmers

Forrest City is a city in St. Francis County, Arkansas, United States; about 47 miles from Memphis, Tennessee. It calls itself the Jewel of the Delta.

Based on the number of Pigford II claims, they might be buying a lot of jewels.

According to the 2000 census, Forrest City had 14,774 residents. Of that total, 60.93% were black; a total of 9002 black residents

How many residents of Forrest City claimed under penalty of perjury that they were discriminated against when they attempted to farm and filed Pigford 2 claims with the US government?

Forrest City residents filed 1,265 claims. That’s $65,250,000 in claims total and it means that 14% of the Black residents filed.

It becomes even more suspicious when you look at the actual number of farmers in St. Francis County.

Let’s look at the 2002 Census of Agriculture. The total number of farmers in 2002 in all of St. Francis County–not just Forrest City–was 347 farms. And of those farms, 84 of them were owned by black farmers.

So to recap : 84 black farmers in all of St. Francis County in 2002 but Forrest City alone has 1265 late filer claims.

That’s 1,506% more Pigford II claims in one city than black farmers in the entire county.

We have no idea how many of those claims in Forrest City were actually paid. What we do know is it a few weeks ago, $1.2 billion in checks were mailed out to 18,000 successful Pickford II claimants


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