Hear Judge Vaughey’s INSANE Kimberlin / Walker Ruling

You have to hear this for yourself…

And the penalty?

Here’s the transcript of this section via Patterico...

The Respondent shall not contact the person in person, by telephone, in writing or any other means, and any other means is putting it on a blog, a Tweet, a megaphone, a — smoke signals — what else is out there — sonar, radar, laser, nothing.

WALKER: So I’m not allowed to speak about him for 6 months? How about the First Amendment?

THE COURT: How many times have you been interrupting? And you shall not contact or harass him in any way. You shall not enter his residence, wherever he may be living. You shall remain away from his place of employment, wherever that may be, he may be employed.

Now, let me get to the — now, should this — should you violate this order, sir, you are subject to being prosecuted by the state’s attorney’s office as a criminal case, and if found guilty, the maximum penalty for the first violation is 90 days in jail and/or it’s a $500 fine, could be a $1,000 fine. Or worse than that, you could be in contempt of this court, where you could — I could do anything that I deem necessary to keep you away from — or e-mailing him or Twitting him or Googling him or Tooting him or smooking him, whatever phrase you use.

For more about the Maryland Miscarriage, go here…


  1. This is outrageous.

    Lee, has anyone put Aaron in contact with the ACLJ? They seem to specialize in these types of cases, almost like a conservative ACLU, and they do some pro bono work. Not sure what it would take for them to take a case, but it’s worth looking into. http://aclj.org/

    Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt to contact the ACLU, as well. They are dedicated leftists to be sure, but they’ve been known to defend conservatives whose rights have been egregiously violated, as Mr. Worthing’s surely have.

  2. Ronald and Paul(a?): 2 great examples of ignorance in action. You’ve got nothing but an obvious contempt for free speech.

  3. Thanks for proving my point, moron. And with the added homophobic slur. Par for the course.

  4. Like I said, thanks for proving my point: you have nothing but contempt for free speech. And only someone who views gay people as inferior and disgusting would choose to use gay as an insult.

    You’d think that fucking morons like yourself would be hesitant to stifle free speech for those you consider “uneducated.” You’d be the first one to lose his rights.

  5. This fool Vaughey needs to be disbarred. This:

    Forget Bradenburg [sic]. Let’s go by Vaughey right now, and common sense out in the world.

    …is an abomination.



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