Holding Kos Responsible

It wasn’t just ‘old media’ or ‘main stream media’ who ignored the John Edwards story or got it totally wrong. Unfortunately, it was also the left wing blogosphere who overwhelmingly let their readers down. Many sites didn’t cover the story until it burst like a dam on cable news. Only one site censored it, however.

I don’t know Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga, the founder of Daily Kos. I’m still banned over there for discussing the Edwards story and I get letters and tweets asking me if I’m unbanned yet. I wrote Kos days ago to see if he thought banning me was a good idea and I haven’t heard anything.

Up until now, I’ve assumed it wasn’t personal. Then tonight, I remembered that Kos himself actually had written about the Edwards story on DailyKos before I did.

Now I think I know why I’m still banned. It’s not just that I got the Edwards story right. More significantly, Markos got this story totally wrong. I mean, 100% totally wrong. And his wrongness set the tone over at Daily Kos for everyone who attacked me and who continue to attack me to this day. Look what the leader of Kos told his followers.

Seriously, I can’t believe this is even subject to debate, but for the crazies, no source is too disreputable if it validates their warped world view.

Daily Kos: Why won’t the “MSM” cover Edwards love child story????

You nailed it, Kos! It’s telling that Markos quoted Richard Blair from All Spin Zone in that post. However Richard has done something Kos still hasn’t; admitted he was wrong.

I’m sad about this, because I was and am a very firm believer in the issues on which John and Elizabeth Edwards have led, especially since his first run for the presidency in 2004. I’m further saddened because no doubt their voices will now become silent. They have more important things to attend to.

I’m disappointed – no, hopping damn mad – about this, because I’ve been a supporter since 2004. He’s received my very vocal support, as well as financial contributions. I

All Spin Zone

No such reality from Markos. While mainstream news outlets like The New York Times are doing a bit of hand wringing about the case, Markos published a new diary actually congratulating himself and the whole community for being so darn swell to Elizabeth Edwards. It’s stunning that the Kossacks are so happy their echo chamber got the story so wrong but boy are they happy.

No wonder the Edwardses chose the Daily Kos as the place to launch her homespun manipulative PR deception piece, which helped push the falsehood of the 2006 ‘no affair anymore’ date four times in three short paragraphs. She knew she’d have a receptive audience of Kossacks whose critical thinking skills have atrophied.

In the middle of the Kos groupthink hug, someone brought up unbanning me. That didn’t go over well.

Here’s the comment.

Stranahan is the worst kind of so-called journalist. He only wanted to be right, and to “break” the story. Markos has a great site here, inspiring thought-provoking, reality based discussions. The community banned Stranahan because he was an idiot opportunistic jerk. This site has made such a difference and serves as a community townhall, and we (the community) need to keep it humming.

When Markos brought up the Edwards scandal he wasn’t an idiot opportunistic jerk, right? Even though he mentioned the story first he wasn’t trying to “break” it, correct?

The commenter is right. I don’t belong in the Daily Kos community. I only wanted to be right. Guilty as charged. That’s exactly what I wanted. Now if only we can figure out what Daily Kos wants to be.


  1. I don’t read Daily Kos. And funny thing, I’m a liberal who’s managed to stay (I think) fairly well-informed without reading it. Watching this clip yesterday…


    …I suddenly realized why the site’s always been unappealing to me. It’s what the Trib reporter says–it’s mainly people spouting off their opinions about what others have reported. I’m much more interested in forming my own opinions about things based on what I read and research. Which is what you did on this, Lee…you dug and pieced things together and formed your own opinion. And if the Kossacks can’t understand how what John and Elizabeth Edwards did put the Dem party in jeopardy, then I don’t get where they’re coming from at all.

  2. Lee, I first heard about the Edwards affair around Aug 2. After hearing about it, you were the only one I could find that was doing some research and fact-checking.

    The DailyKOS community, in their own head-in-the-sand ignorance, killed the messenger. I don’t know how you have been able to stay as level-headed about this as you have been. I would be shouting from the mountaintops about the way you were treated and threatened.

    Unfortunately, I think this affair has shown their true colors. DailyKOS is FARK for libs. “Kill the outsider that told us something we didn’t like!!”

  3. You GO Lee! Those Kossacks are always trying to smear me too! Fuk’um!

  4. Markos’ latest “diary” made me want to throw up. I posted that it was complete and utter bullshit, and I was largely ignored. However, I did get a reply to my urgent missive begging for my account to be deleted. I was told there was no way to delete my account, even if I got banned. So much for my protest of one.

    Leave it to Daily Kos and the inmates there to turn this sordid affair (and the revelations aren’t over, not by a longshot) into a Kumbaya moment. I guess I missed the Kool-Aid. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. The “progressive left” (and I use the term loosely) were all over the wives of Larry Craig and David Vitter (even poor Mrs. Ellot Spitzer was raked over the coals) for standing by their creeps, and instead Elizabeth Edwards (who knew of her husband’s affair and was complicit in keeping it a secret even as he ran for President) essentially is given a free pass because of the elephant in the room. One poster at DK even had the gall to publicly hail EE as a “modern day heroine.”

    Apparently Markos and his ilk have decided to wallow in the warm, hazy after glow of communal, consensual idiocy.

    Now, Lee, tell me how you got banned again…

  5. The left side of the blogosphere has been built on a house of cards. Now that “King Kos” has been made to look the fool, he’s showing everyone just how petulant he can be.

    My question: is this what we can expect from Obama if he gets elected? After all, Obama wouldn’t be in the lofty position in which he stands now if it weren’t for the support of like-minded individuals.

    **That’s my opinion and you’re entitled to it!**

  6. All the comments are interesting to read and many commenters are quite literary in their opinions and they are well-referenced in their points. But, I see this in a more mundane way. You were banned. You know why. It was unfair. That stings. You were right. They look foolish. Nothing will ever change from now on to make you in that matter not right. I predict the ban won’t be lifted. They will dig in their heels. I was banned and my life is now “Groundhog Day.” I think even Ebner is sick of me finally with the story. 😀

  7. Patting yourself on back isn’t the best way to argue for lifting your ban, and frankly I think you don’t even want to be unbanned.

    It’s more fun to gnash and wail against Teh Ebil KOS and keep whatever extra fame you’ve gotten because of the banning.

    For what it’s worth, I think you should be unbanned, too. You were correct about the story and many (myself amongst them) were not.

    Your attitude still sucks, though, as evident by this self-fellatio you’ve engaged in above.


    Whatever makes you happy.

  8. Disclaimer: I have to admit I am not a Democrat nor do I believe that Kos is a collection of decent human beings.

    I applaud you for being honest and explaining what went down in your banning at Kos.

    While you are entitled to your political beliefs, truth is not subject to interpretation. You were right and Kos was wrong. Instead of facing the facts, they ignored them and you as a former of hostile denial.

    I predict this will be the eventual unraveling of the Kos community. Their forced disconnect from truth, reality in many cases, and patriotism will be their undoing.

    Honestly, you are better off with participating there. There are plenty of other Dem blogs/sites you can share your ideas without demonizing other American’s who happen to believe differently than you.


  9. Lee, have you seen the new stuff at NY Daily News and NY Post? Good God. Now it’s cheating by installments.

  10. “Kossacks”. Brilliant.

    I love the irony of that commenter claiming that Kos has an “inspiring, thought provoking site” while then calling you an “idiot… jerk”. Downright thought provoking and inspiring. They seem to have the same fondness for Incestuous Amplification as right wing talk radio. Truly frightening and anti-progressive. Me personally, I support everyone’s right to be an opportunistic jerk.

    In the prescient words of John Stewart Mill: “Silencing the expression of an opinion is … robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit: the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error”.

  11. About what The Blaz said above: “Your attitude still sucks, though, as evident by this self-fellatio you’ve engaged in above.”

    Um, this is a blog post on Stranahan.com. That’s kind of what personal blog sites are for….

  12. I meant his fascination with his banning combined with his crowing about having been right.

    Posting things about yourself on your own site is not what I meant.

  13. You were correct about the story and many (myself amongst them) were not.

    Your attitude still sucks, though, as evident by this self-fellatio you’ve engaged in above.

    If the first sentence is correct, in what way is the second one relevant?

  14. He has put forth the theory that he was banned only because he spoke of the Edwards issue, and because kos disagreed with him.

    I’m of the opinion that his attitude was far more to blame than what he thinks, both his attitude towards other people and towards the subject matter itself. As I said above, his attitude will certainly prevent such an unbanning from ever happening.

    But like I said, I don’t think he wants to be unbanned.

    His site would lose some of the popularity it’s gained, and he’d lose some notoriety.

  15. I’m honestly confused about what you think my ‘attitude’ should be…

    I should feel sorrow? Regret? Humility in the face of my being proven correct?

    I don’t get it. I got out in front of a story and now a lot of people are saying exactly what I was saying a couple of weeks ago. Don’t be a sore loser, Blaz.

  16. Apparently Kos now says he has no idea who you are. You’re an un-person, Lee.This should teach you the consequences of disagreeing with your betters.

  17. /sigh

    I’m the only person who has come here and admitted being wrong, one of the few on DK who thinks you should be unbanned, and yet I’m being a sore loser because I don’t like the arrogance you’re displaying…

    Sure think, Lee.

    Peace out.

  18. Lee has earned the right to be “arrogant” and gloat. He was banned and he was right. I despise bannings. It’s a form of text control and filtering… and it is analagous to book burnings. Bans are cyber-book burning, if you will. People should take a stand in general about bans at forums because it is all about mods’ power and control. It brings to mind the Martin Niemoller quote. Only a few people spoke up for me because I am obsessed and “crazy” and it was at a dopey TV forum, not a more “prestigious” and literary erudite political site. I am so happy Lee won this. As I said, he has a right to be arrogant. I applaud him, and I just love it!

  19. Your attitude is just right by me and your gloating is justified. (Check out the new reporting from NYTIMES tonight. This is the story that keeps on giving and it’s looking really bad.)

    I read your original post on Huffpo about Edwards and you made some excellent points.

    I’m puzzled and disappointed by Kos. I go over there a lot (though I don’t participate in the discussions). I think there is some thoughtful posting there. I can’t really understand why they banned you.

    I did read a lot of the responses to Elizabeth Edwards’ post, and plenty of them were from people who WERE pissed. I read a bunch of posts where people really let her have it. They were supporters who clearly felt deceived and many felt this damaged other dems. Yes there was a lot of touchy-feely BS, but plenty of people also felt their contributions had been wasted and told her so. I’m pretty sure at least one person called her arrogant for thinking they could get away with this in the 21st century.

    Kos clearly has a huge ego, but if he reads his own site then he KNOWS he was wrong, whether he wants to admit it publicly or not.

    Keep up the good investigative work! (I bet you have your kids digging up stuff as “homework.”)

  20. The Blaz is a Kos lemming.

  21. Oh, please. Ever since the National Enquirer was the first to print the photo of Gary Hart with Donna Rice, I made purchasing that tabloid my weekly number one priority. And let’s not forget the Bruno Magli shoes… Daily Kos needs to get over it.
    Bannings are the internet pillory. 😀

  22. I love how the one person on this site with a differing opinion is called a lemming.

    Even funnier because I’m probably one of the few people on DK who think Lee should be unbanned.

    Just came back to say that, because it’s hard for me to leave such irony ignored.

    Good luck, Lee. Hope you get unbanned.

  23. I believe Lee will not be unbanned. Bans are for life. It becomes a power-play; a contest of wills. It takes a secure administrator in a position of power with excellent self-esteem who can lift a ban. Fergal called you, TheBlaz, a “Kos lemming” because maybe at the Kos you stand with the majority opinion. You came here and expressed support for Lee, but you criticized his “attitude.”
    The internet reflects a weird sociogram. There are cyber-analysts, cyber-enforcers, cyber-lemmings, cyber-bullies, and cyber-nuts. Then, when people meet in person you hear, “you are so different online.” I laugh because a comment can be nuanced and tongue-in-cheek and sometimes bored people are just having fun.
    And it seems TheBlaz is an online ‘tude checker. Humble yourself, Lee… type in #8 Arial narrow font.
    Excuse me while I go have my dinner of crow
    And hopefully my world of online friends shall grow.

  24. Blaz,

    For what it’s worth – I meant to say a couple of days ago that I felt I’d been too harsh on you personally. Yes, it does mean something that you showed up here to have a discussion.

    The irony, of course, is that I can’t respond to the people who continue to attack me on DailyKos.

  25. That is a shame as I feel apologies are due.

    I’ve been banned from sites before (not DK, but MyDD twice and a couple smaller ones). First time I was banned from MyDD I got pissed, wrote about it on my old blog and on DK, etc etc.

    Next time I got banned I just shrugged and haven’t gone back since.


    Who knows, maybe you can be unbanned. I have seen it happen multiple times. Write to him again, give it another shot.

    If it happens, cool.

    If not, then I’d be disappointed in the decision, like many should be.

  26. That is pretty interesting, and gives me a bit to mull over.

    The only think I’m convinced of is that you will not be unbanned.

    And I think that’s a damn shame.

    I’ll pop in here and there to say hi, and if I happen across your name on DK, I’ll be sure to put in a good word.

    Not that it will matter.

  27. Lee,

    I posted a diary on dKos today lamenting the fact that the John Edwards’ affair is about much more than infidelity; it is about the cover-up. I, too, predicted that this story will not die – it will help bury my Dems at the national elections in November. I WAS FLAMED!!!! Talk about breathing their own ether. This is all such a shame. I was a huge Edwards supporter going back to 2002. I believed his hype, and I gave til it hurt. Well, now I’m one pissed off Mohican. His entering the race when he did changed the entire Democratic political landscape. He took attention and funds away from Kucinich and Clinton. In any event, I fear we are heading for another fall, with Edwards frog-marching us towards a Republican victory.

  28. As the person who “brought up unbanning” Stranahan, I remain saddened that the DKos community can’t see its own pettiness and weakness. That said, I find the site very useful, not so much for the back-and-forth discussion but for the many issues that are spotted first by DKos people. As with many other sources, one reads it for what it is, and discounts it for what it is as well. {ProfJonathan}

  29. “The commenter is right. I don’t belong in the Daily Kos community. I only wanted to be right. Guilty as charged. That’s exactly what I wanted. Now if only we can figure out what Daily Kos wants to be.”

    He wants to be rich.

  30. I have pretty much given up on Daily Kos. Yesterday they were salivating over the fact that Cindy McCain had seemingly lied about meeting Mother Teresa. Oh, the horror. I posted that was chicken feed next to John Edwards.

  31. I don’t know about the “Greed” part, but you’re spot on with the “Groupthink” bit. Groupthink is the fucking Ebola virus that will kill the liberal blogosphere if we let it.



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