Holiday Rap

I found another performance of my Dutch homeboy MC Miker ‘G’ and his partner DJ Sven’s massive international 1980s hit Holiday Rap on YouTube, to go with my previous post about how I just realized that it’s the soundtrack to that creepy Indian kid dancing video.

As I mentioned there, I produced and directed a music video for Miker ‘G’s solo song Show ‘M The Bass. I haven’t seen the video in years. It was made for like $1000 or something when I was around 23 years old and working at a place called Your Video Debut at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. We made tourist videos, where people would stand in front of a bluescreen and lip synch to a song while I put all kind of Fairlight CVI effects on behind them.

One day, we were contacted by someone in Holland who wanted to make a music video with a major artist from The Netherlands, they said. It seemed like a joke, really, because why contact a place that made tourist videos? This was pre internet so there was no real way to check out the bonda fides. But whatever, a gig’s a gig. We shot the whole thing around Hollywood, no permits and with hoochie girls that we literally got by Miker G approaching girls on the street and asking them to be in the video. I edited the whole thing, too. I was told that the video played on MTV Europe. Years later, I went to Amsterdam for the first time and went into a record store and what do you know? Miker G WAS a major artist!

Watch them kick Old Dutch Skool!

If anyone out there knows where to get a copy of Show ‘M The Bass, I REALLY want it!

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