I Have No Sympathy For 20/20

I finally watched the hour-long, full episode 20/20 episode on Steubenville and wow; for something that took months to produce, for something that families in Steubenville apparently trusted a well known, long running show like 20 /20 to get right, they sure got the story wrong in exactly the same ways others did, following the Alexandria Goddard football culture / cover-up narrative.

Simple example of a pure factual error made for no good reason : they showed the Cody Saltsman “I have no sympathy for whores’ tweet several times as though it was in response to the rape or other events of that evening. It was not.

The incident happened in August, the ‘Sympathy’ tweet was sent in May.


It’s not as though Saltsman didn’t say anything questionable that evening in August:


So why post a twee that had zero to do with the rape?  Just because it makes the story juicier? Awful, sloppy journalism.

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