I Parody A Goofy Film Making Manifesto And Get boingboing’d!

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So, the mighty boingboing.net had a post earlier tonight about ‘The Lumiere Manifesto’, which is sort of a Dogme95 type manifesto for videobloggers. The people who wrote the Manifesto from VideoBloggers.info mean well, I think, and I bet some interesting stuff may come out of it but when I read it also struck me as goofy in the way all ‘Manifestos’ are.

I read it about 7:30 tonight and by 8:30, I’d registered a domain name – SnottyDouche.info – and had written a parody of the manifesto. (And who would have thought SnottyDouche.info would still be available!!??) I posted a quick comment back at boingboing and then took the kids out to get a happy meal. The whole thing came together in less than an hour.

I check back and low and behold, Xeni has posted an update about my site. I am a huge boingbong fan, so thanks and how fucking cool. And pretty interesting, because I’ve been thinking for a couple of days about a new focus for Stranahan.com that features a lot more original content – in face, I barely posted the past couple of days because I’ve been wondering how it would go. So, so far – so far so good. Plus, Xeni had a picture on her profile of her playing video games with my former co-worker Wil Wheaton, so add that to the karmameter.

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