If You Want The Internet To Laugh At You, Tell It Your Plans

I managed to do six days in a row of exercise as part of my “Just Shut Up And Do It” fitness program. The key has been doing it first thing in the morning. I did a half-hour a day, and I decided earlier in the week that I was going to start taking Saturdays off, so today’s the end of my week. But I pick up again on Sunday, and when I do I’m going to be doing 45 minutes a day. Then the following week, I’m going to start spending an hour a day on my first thing in the morning exercise routine. My tools this week were the treadmill, and the Sirius satellite radio app, especially the Area channel. I’m going to start integrating some Wii stuff next week.

Johnny and I are trying to get the Question The Rules course in a state to show friends and affiliates either today or tomorrow. We’re working with The Caffeinated Elf herself, the lovely and talented Rachael Acklin, on the site’s design and we’ve had big voiced announcer talent Jeff Straub start cutting intros for the different audio “chapters” of the course.

I’ve also been working on a new website, and spent a lot of the day yesterday making basic design decisions. It’s my first serious crack at starting an online magazine style site, and like a lot of the things that I do at this point I’m trying to figure out workflow that is sustainable. I will have more details soon.

I’ve also been working on the upcoming seminars I have planned, and I’ll probably have a lot more to say about that on Monday.


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