Interview : Lila Rose, Founder Of Live Action

Want some controversy? The issue of abortion combines deeply held views on politics, religion, culture, sex and people’s own personal experiences.

Recently Lila Rose her ‘new media action’ group Live Action stirred up a hornet’s nest by doing hidden camera video reports meant to damage Planned Parenthood. They sent in people saying they were a pimp and underage prostitute and the first video they released showed the Planned Parenthood employee in New Jersey enthusiastically helping conceal illegal activity and even making business suggestions. Planned Parenthood fired the employee after the video came out but also tried to switch the focus back onto Live Action.

This 13 minute interview discusses a number of issues surrounding this story. I’m personally pro-choice but this topic brings up a number of issues about journalism and activism that I think are interesting.

Downloadable MP3


  1. I don’t care if you’re pro-choice, you’re a retard either way.

  2. Very impressed by your work Lee , our political labels are the exact opposite but one thing about us that is perfectly aligned is our desire for the TRUTH . We’ve been groomed to dislike Liberals or Conservatives by society but I don’t see a label when I see the name Lee Stranahan , I see a good , honorable man on a hunt for honesty .


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