Justin Timberlake And Tasteful Nudity

Justin Timberlake And Tasteful Nudity

Not everything is for children, nor should it be.

I’m not a fan of most current pop music but I like Justin Timberlake well enough; he reminds me of Prince, especially on songs like Cry Me A River, which could have come off my favorite album from the Purple One, Sign O The Times.

If you’re familiar with my background in photography (my NSFW site here) then you know I also don’t have a problem with nudity and the music video Timberlake released a couple of days ago for his new song Tunnel Vision does it right. The song and video are hypnotic and the imagery is gorgeous. If anything, I could have used less Timberlake.

NSFW and not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but this is a beautiful video. Compare it to the most of the immature trash out there in video that don’t have nudity but manage to debase you just watching them. (I’m looking at you, Miley. Then shaking my head and looking away.)

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