Kimberlin, SWATing & Law Enforcement

Over at Patterico, a commenter is asking a VERY relevant question about the SWATings…

If I could interrupt the frivolity to ask a serious question…

It seems to me that the sort of crime that a law-enforcement agency would be most anxious to investigate would be — the crime of falsely sending officers of that agency out on a spurious (and potentially dangerous) murder call, thus depleting resources of that very LEA — and not incidentally, making that LEA look like fools.

Forget Obama; I can’t understand why the localcops aren’t utterly incensed by such depraved manipulation of themselves. How can they not be furious? And fast?

If somebody called me when I was out and told me my house was on fire, and when I raced home I discovered it was a “prank,” my impulse would be to get a couple of friends, find the jackass, and beat the living lulz out of him.

How can police officers just shrug and say, “what do you expect us to do about it?” Why doesn’t their own pride, not to mention the catcalls, force them to make that person Target Number One?

 Totally agreed. It’s CRAZY that Law Enforcement doesn’t isn’t picking up on this and stopping it. Start by interviewing the one ‘witness’ to Patterico’s swatting, Ron Brynaert. I’m not accusing Ron of being the SWATer but he’s a witness. Interview him, already.
And I’d apply the same logic to Brett Kimberlin, who Aaron Walker reports is planning to keep filing legal actions against Walker FOR BLOGGING. Look at what Kimberlin said in a legal filing:

From: Justice Through Music

To: Reginald Bours
Sent: Mon, Jun 25, 2012 12:11 pm
Subject: Re: Your peace order against Aaron Walker in the Circuit Court, Case No. 8444D
Again, I want to be left alone by your client.  That is my demand as required by Galloway and the criminal harassment statute.  His false narrative that I framed him is defamatory and inciting extremists to threaten me.  He is responsible for their conduct.  I will not hesitate to seek additional peace orders or criminal harassment charges if he does not leave me alone.
When is Maryland going to say ENOUGH with Kimberlin’s frivolous filing? Again, this indicates a deeply broken justice system. Paging Radley Balko!

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