Kurly Tlapoyawa, Nudity

Busy and productive day today.

I got a great interview with a local Albquerque film incon – Kurly Tlapoyawa, who is the co-author of Direct Your Own Damn Movie!

Want some quick tips on making an indie horror, thiller, kung-fu or other no budget of cinematic genius? Watch this 10 minute clip and learn from Kurly, straight-up, no bullshit.


Kurly’s website is at BurningParadise.net and has links to his blog, Twitter, products and other stuff.

And here’s the book. It’s a fun read, very practical and a lot cheaper then film school.


Direct Your Own Damn Movie! (Your Own Damn Film School {Series})

And speaking of having directed my own damn movie, I also re-cut and uploaded a scene from my film Breathing Room – a five minute sequence that’s one long nude scene. But I like to think it’s a less exploitive and more subversive than the average film nude scene.


Breathing Room : The Nude Scene from Lee Stranahan on Vimeo.

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  1. That was a great scene from Breathing Room. I definitely want to watch the whole thing now. Good Job.

    The nude scene was tastefully done. What overshadowed the nudity was the smart script and comedic timing that kept the piece going.

    It’s great to see your videos on healthcare as well. Sorry to hear about your father.


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