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Lauren and I got the kids up and at ’em early and we headed over to Langer’s Deli, because their pastrami sandwich is legendary, it’s an L.A. restaurant with a lot of history and because of their hours – they close at 4pm – it’s a hard place for me to eat at during the work week. One of the Langer’s stories you read about is that it’s a traditional Jewish deli in a block that used to be Jewish but is now heavily Hispanic.

That doesn’t tell the whole story because the neighborhood isn’t just Hispanic but it’s kind of scary, too. Two guys agressively tried to sell me fake ID. A couple of guys were leaning on our car and didn’t seem like they wanted to get up even when we came back to the car. These aren’t normal events in Los Angeles neighborhoods I go to, Hispanic or not, and I go all over town.

The food was very good, although the Pastrami sandwich wasn’t a radical improvement on every other pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had. In fact, I think I probably prefer The Hat if I had to pick one.

Then we went to the one of the playgroungs hidden sort of deeply in Griffith Park. It’s a nice playground and the kids had fun but DAMN it’s HOT in Los Angeles this week. 100 degrees every day. I was already exhausted and so was Lauren so we left after about a half hour.
Then home and then more errands. Lauren took a blood test which turned out welll and she hasn’t been naseous all day so the panic attack and it’s aftermath seem to be over and thank goodness for that. She’s still weak and doesn’t have much of an appetite, but she’s functioning and better.

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