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For a prime example of the whiplash stoopid that the left is going through on the Weinergate story, look no further than Charles Johnson. This is verbatim from the Breitbart-hater’s website.


He does a long section about the DailyKos theory #1 about the fake screen grab…and then, right in the middle of it, Johnson squats and drops this

(Update: there was no hacking involved. The photo was never posted to Weiner’s account. Someone may have photoshopped a screenshot of a yfrog page to make it look like it came from Weiner’s page.)

(Update 2: the story changes again – apparently Weiner’s yfrog account really was cracked, and the image was posted there.)


The story changes again?!?!?

Whose story?

YOUR story. YOUR STORY CHANGED but you threw in that phrase to make it seem like someone else’s did.W-T-F?


  1. Well those are the mental gymnastics one would have to endure to make this entire thing a conspiracy.

  2. Squats and drops! Perfect. I think I’m ready to guess the meaning of LGF now.

  3. It’s called the “Weiner Two Step”

  4. Charles Johnson is from the left?? lol.

  5. Dude, I used to read you on Bob Cesca’s blog….what happened to you? Are you serious with this weinergate story? Cmon man, there are things that need to get done…drop this nonsense, sober up and write about things that might actually affect our lives.

  6. Notyouagain
    Not the black Charles Johnson. The white guy from little green footballs, author of many well thought out blogs like, “why I parted ways with the right,” which incudes all kinds of cited material and isn’t just baseless slander in the least.

    Try researching things. It helps a lot. It also reduces the chances (although in your case, the reduction would be negligible) of being perceived as a total fucking moron.

  7. Speaking of Bob Cesca, here’s what he wrote about Weinergate: “Of course, once Weiner has been publicly disgraced, you can expect Breitbart to admit that it was a hacker who sent the photo and not Weiner himself. If not, an investigation will reveal this. And Breitbart will either ignore it, or he’ll suggest the investigation was rigged, or he’ll admit it — just like he admitted to the ACORN fakery — and laugh about how great it was to report about “Weiner’s weiner.” Har-har.”

    I’m not so sure that would be the case. In any case, Breitbart just admitted to ACORN fakery? As in, ACORN was really awesome and honest and above board and never did anything bad ever, and Breitbart and O’Keefe just framed them, the big meanies?

    Investigative journalism used to be cool and noble, when it was focused on the right people. Ain’t ever going to be an All The President’s Men style movie made about Breitbart and O’Keefe (Hoffman plays Breitbart, I think, and Redford plays O’Keefe) and there heroic investigations.

    Because they aren’t looking for the fraud in the right places: Republican administrations and conservative think tanks and the CoC and Wal-Mart.

  8. CJ is on his own island now with his 15-20 hardcore followers. The right hates him and the left laughs at him.

    After the incident two years ago where Johnston sent one of his blog minions over to a conservative blog to plant racist comments, anything is possible with the loner blogger Johnson.

    Charles Johnson is so jealous of Breitbarts’ success.

  9. I was a LGF regular back in the day, shortly before ‘Chuckles’ got his 15 minutes for making that cool gif of the Bush AWOL memo and proving it had been created on a modern word processing program on a computer, not typed up on a typewriter back in the 1970’s.

    But around 2007ish Chuckles went off the deep end. He started banning members left and right for disagreeing with him on things like evolution and a host of other subjects. I myself got banned for disagreeing with him on some subject I don’t even remember. Only the lunatics are left on that site.


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