Live Blogging Kitchen Nightmares: Campania – 9pm East, 6pm West

Tonight’s episode should be interesting because as my preview of Campania said, it seems we have a chef who is very competent with a restaurant that’s busy. Will Fox stick to their script or bring a much needed dose of reality to tonight’s Nightmares? Your comments are or join the discussion on the message boards.

UPDATE: I’m now convinced that Kitchen Nightmares just makes stuff up completely on a regular basis. Bill Pitcher from did a MUST READ blog that I mention and link to below. Great work, Bill.

I will have a overview post in the next few days detailing the mess of falsehoods and fakery that Kitchen Nightmares has become. It’s pretty pathetic really.

Now on with the show…

9:00 Opening shows empty restaurant ‘headed for disaster’, clueless chef owner…
9:02 Said Joe Cerniglia took over 18 months ago and ‘business seriously’ declined…more on this later…
9:03 People acting immature
9:04 Debt of the restaurant is overwhelming, as is personal debt. Is that scary looking ‘You better!’ guy for real?
9:05 Edited awkwardness….I doubt it really went like that….
9:06 Gordon tries the food – shock. He doesn’t like it!
9:07 Bad breath isn’t exactly the same as saying the food is bad, is it?
9:08 And didn’t like the chicken. But there’s a lot of editing going on.

Break: There’s another live blog you can follow, live from the restaurant here…

9:14 Joe is not an ‘inexperienced’ owner….that’s just untrue.
9:15 The lack of customers doesn’t jibe with any review I’ve read – but Fox has a script and that’s part of it.
9:19 More of the script – food is late and lame. But they keep bringing up the portion size so there may be something to that.

Break – Bill Pitcher is a very fast typist! He asks a good question “Let’s suppose for a moment that a customer just happened to do something so ridiculous and immature as to order a pizza from another restaurant. And let’s suppose that Fox just happened to have a camera on him. And let’s suppose that Fox just happened to have his phone wired up to record it. ” Yeah, just suppose.

9:25 Going to visit the wife….oy
9:26 I am willing to believe that Joe may have needed help running the business – but I don’t believe that it was that bad, really and I know they are portraying the owner wrong
9:28 Gordon says he goes to Sicily for meatballs – but the name of the restaurant is CAMPANIA, which ain’t Sicily is it?
9:29 Those T Shirts and hading out meatballs is totally cheesy – AND – that is not the kind of restaurant Campania seems to be – the menu is more upscale, fine dining.

Break : Bill Pitcher is my hero. I’m just quoting highlights, but he’s there on the scene and boy – the show just lies about stuff. No other way to put it.

Pitcher says…
““With the aid of Gordon’s recipe, Joe and his staff are now armed with outstanding meatballs,” the narrator just said.

Wow, that’s a blatant lie. That’s not even close.

The recipe is not Ramsay’s. It’s Cerniglia’s. And it’s so guarded, he once told me he’d share any recipe “except that.”


The show has yet to mention a certificate that Campania has New Jersey’s best meatballs, a copy of which is posted here in the restaurant. We suspect that’s what Ramsay’s holding in his hands in this photo, taken by Tyson Trish at the restaurant’s reopening. (It hasn’t been aired yet.)”

9:35 The logo is better, yeah.
9:36 And the free makeover is really the only reason I can see to let Kitchen Nightmares come in and lie about you.
9:38 And – we had Gordon cooking for about 30 seconds…
9:39 This thing about selling the whole menu is Actually Interesting – good idea, very interesting….MORE of THAT, please


9:44 Think about it – how would a new menu pack a restaurant instantly? The producers packed the restaurant….
9:45 The complaining ladies – my bet – paid ‘customers’
9:46 Why would Gordon talk to a customer that way? Why? And why let Fox make him look like a total asshole?
9:47 Hey – it’s time for someone to walk out isn’t it?
9:48 Orders are backed up – why? Because it’s about 48 minutes into Kitchen Nightmares. But – I predict a turnaround!
9:49 Yes – when the producers overbook the restaurant, orders go out late. Every fookin’ week, in fact.


9:52 Ah, New Jersey – love the drunken yelling in the parking lot.
9:53 Bill Pitcher says joe left because Gordon told him to – but we have to have a walk out…and noooooow…
9:54 The turnaround!
9:55 Cue the upbeat music….
9:56 Everyone had a app, entree, and dessert because the food was free…
9:57 Read the reviews – the food was always known for quality…
9:59 Wow. Fox just follows the same script no matter what, don’t they?


  1. Seriously? Does Gordon Ramsey go to “Sicily” to get meatballs? Does he know that meatballs aren’t really Italian, they are Italian-American?

    The epitome of Italian American cooking!

  2. weak episode….

    no good “antagonist”….no real GR rant, no lack hygiene, no crazy character, no dumb donkey.

    seemed that the editors were straining to put together a good episode. doesn’t bode well for the season’s last episode next week.

  3. Wahhhhhhhhh! I missed the east coast feed, and will have to hold my water until the west coast airing.

  4. It’s the most extensively debunked episode ever, already, thanks to Bill Pitcher’s live blogging…

    As I just said in comments over on the blog…

    ” they misrepresented Joe, from everything I’ve read about him. Clearly not inexperienced – but anyone watching the show would think he was, because the show SAID he was.

    No mention of his years at Gallagher’s, or his years of cooking demos or anything…just he didn’t go to cooking school.

    People who know him know better. Anyone – like me – who does some basic google research knows better. But – millions of people around the world don’t know any of that. To them, Joe is just an arrogant, inexperienced restaurant owner who Gordon Ramsay saved.”

  5. Recognizing the contrived drama and also the droppings incorporated from the abysmal Apprentice & Home Makeover shows made me laugh derisively. However, the appearance of the foul-mouthed, drunken, aggressive, Jersey wench, complete with expensive clothes, breasts, and a large SUV depressed me on many levels. This last blow, lumping the aesthetic of Springer and Cops into this abomination of a show moved me to despair.

  6. I wonder if the producers paid for the booze, too…

  7. please let me know if you received this



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