Lots Of Stuff Roundup

Here’s how I’ve been keeping myself busy in the past few days….

  • I wrote a comedy piece that’s featured at HuffPost…


  • Did a couple of local unschooling get togethers with Lauren and the kids. We really like the zoo / aquarium / botanical gardens here in Albuquerque. They have park areas on the grounds where you can bring a chair
  • Made a new video – my attempt at an Obama-like way to criticize President Obama…
  • ….
  • I’ve been reading two books on my Kindle for iPod. More on those later….
  • Postponed the UnConvention until the fall for reasons I discuss here.
  • I forgot to mention I made another comedy video a few days ago.
  • Finally, there’s a section of decent length about me in Eric Boehlert’s new book Bloggers On The Bus. Click on the link to go to Amazon and then scroll down and type Stranahan in the Search Inside This Book! section to read it. It’s very accurate and I can’t wait to read the whole book….

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  1. Ha! I just realized you used one of my images (Obama at UNM, clasping a supporter’s hand) in the “President Obama: Go Faster” video. Awesome! That’s exactly why I posted it on Flickr and licensed it Creative Commons. Thanks, Lee. It’s nice to see that picture have a new life of its own.


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