Max Is Sick

He ate some yarn last night. I was at the park with the kids and Lauren called to say he’d projectile vomited a hunk of yarn and didn’t seem at all well. He didn’t eat last night or this morning and was very lethargic. We googled and – a cat swallowing yarn is a very bad thing.

So I left work and Lauren and I took Max to the vet. The vet charged us $55 to say that eating yarn is a very bad thing. A nurse poked Max in the ass and said his temp was 104 degrees. Not good either. Then he wanted to charge us $350 for X Rays. The X Rays would supposedly tell us if he had yarn in him. Then the yarn would either get pooped out or he’d need surgery, which would be a lot more I’m guessing. So – we left. Max was seeming a little more alert.

Since then, he’s eaten some dry food and taken very long naps. I hope he’ll be okay. We also found out we can get cat X Rays for a lot less money. Fucking vet business, I swear…

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