MoveOn Video

I got a call on Tuesday night to produce this video for MoveOn about an issue I care a lot about. The script was from MoveOn and I produced it myself in After Effects and Sony Vegas; I also did the voiceover and music.

The piece took all night to produce but seems like a real commercial to me; at was uploaded right after it was finalized yesterday at 1pm New Mexico time and within two hours it had appeared on MSNBC and been featured on Politico, The Hill and the front page of the Huffington Post. It was featured last night on Keith Olbermann’s show. It got over 50,000 views on YouTube in the first day, too.

I can’t tell you the satisfaction of working on a piece about an important subject and doing all the different aspects of it. My thanks to MoveOn for giving me the gig and especially to Peter Koechley for all his hard work and the late late night notes.


  1. Well worth the all-nighter, I’d say! I have to add that the real selling piont for me was not the image but the tonal quality that fit so well with the message. Great work!

  2. Investigate waterboarding? Come on man. What a waste.

  3. Congratulations on a job well-done, Lee! Once again, I admire your courage, dedication, creativity and technical expertise!


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