100,000 job layoffs this week. That’s as many people as live in Burbank, California. And I am sure that a lot of those layoffs were done to satisfy some corporate mandate, not because the company was really losing money.

Is there a bright side? 

I’m convinced there can be. There’s a lot of opprounity right now, too. They tell investors ‘Buy low, sell high’. We’re at low. Time to buy. Time to start something. Time to reinvent yourself or a whole industry.

Here are some things I threw out on Twitter today.

Starbucks laying off 7,000 and they can’t make their tea drinks properly – someone buy a used ice cream and drive around selling lattes!


DHL closing and the post office wants to stop delivering mail on Saturdays – someone could make a lot of money rethinking snail mail.


Newspapers are failing nationwide – someone get a printer set up outside subway stations and sell custom printed, up the minute new-papers.

About that last one – my Twitter friend Maryilyn M sent me a link….someone is doing it!

Rather than sit around waiting to be laid off, flex your crazy idea muscles. Right now. While there’s time.

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  1. And if @MrsStranahan and I lived in the same town, we could totally partner up on #1…(since we’ve already pondered why it doesn’t exist). 🙂


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