Paging @Jon_Favreau : Please Remake The Fountainhead

Paging @Jon_Favreau : Please Remake The Fountainhead

Many years ago, right after the film Swingers came out–starring and written by Jon Favreau–I went to an event for budding indie film producers that featured a panel with Favreau.

The final Q&A question for him was “What advice do you give to aspiring filmmakers?”

His answer: “Read The Fountainhead.”

Now, of course, Favreau is not just an actor and writer but also the very successful director of big-budget epics the first two Iron Man films and Cowboys and Aliens.

Since Ayn Rand’s novel about fiercely independent architect Howard Roark is my favorite of her novels and one of my favorite books, I’d like to implore Mr. Favreau to use his skills to remake The Fountainhead.

The advances in the visual effects technology make it possible now to do Roark’s buildings properly and I think that Roark’s fictional architecture is a key element in making a movie based on The Fountainhead work. If we’re going to root for Roark, we need to be in awe and in love with his work.

I found this effects showcase from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and–forget every other aspect of the film for a moment–it’s brilliant use of CGI architecture. If you’re a regular civilian and not a filmmaker, you can see what’s possible. (I’ve been involved in visual effects for about twenty-five years. Today, anything is possible.)

The Great Gatsby VFX from Chris Godfrey on Vimeo.

I periodically put this call out. It’s the digital equivalent of tossing a bottle with a note inside it into the ocean but no harm in trying. A few years ago, Oliver Stone’s company owned the rights but they gave them up.

P.S. – Jon, I have some ideas about the script. Love your stuff, let’s do lunch. Ciao.

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