Pigford THREE: Here Comes The Bus!

Pigford THREE: Here Comes The Bus!

Think the Pigford black farmer settlement claims that give virtually automatic payments of $50,o00 to anyone claiming that they (or their parents, grandparents or whatnot) attempted to farm are over? Think the billions flowing to fraudsters are finished?

Guess again: with almost no media scrutiny, no political courage to call fraud FRAUD, and President Barack Obama in the White House, Thomas Burrell and others are actively planning Pigford 3 to open up the bank vaults again.

Don’t take my word for it; listen to this segment of a longer interview and here Burrell tell you himself.

Don’t forget; we exposed Thomas Burrell years ago as the man traveling around the country for years teaching people how to commit undetectable fraud.

As Dave Weigel said on Slate recently:

Andrew Breitbart and journalist Lee Stranahan ran around, respectively, trying to get media on the story and doing interviews with angry would-be whistleblowers. I did a little reporting on it and was overwhelmed. The New York Times assigned investigative reporters to the story, though, and their epic treatment made A1 today.

There’s a lot here, and an overwhelming amount of people admitting, yeah, the settlement process was/is a mess. The Times quotes a “lawyer familiar with the Clinton administration’s stance”: “It was better to err on the side of giving money to people who might not qualify if they went through litigation than to deny money to people who actually deserve it.” But the piece ends with the stunning scene of Thomas Burrell, president of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association, telling black churchgoers how to file for claims .

Lucky for us, Lee Stranahan managed to get a tape into one of Burrell’s 2011 meetings.

Here’s that video and it’s as clear as can be.

There’s an industry here with billions at stake. People like Burrell aren’t going to give up easily.

And please note that Burrell is based in Memphis; a lot of people with questionable claims that I point to here and here are within an hour’s drive of Memphis.


  1. Sickening . . .

  2. But thanks for exposing this Lee!!

  3. Sadly this isn’t the only scam of this type. Here in NC there are many churches who regularly organize these seminars to teach minorities how to scam food stamps, unemployment and other welfare programs. There doesn’t seem to be anything local government can do about it and apparently the federal government doesn’t care.


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