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Who said the following while watching Digital Domain win the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for their work on The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button?

No lie: when they won, I was like “These are the motherfuckers in Stranahan’s video.

Answer: Writer / director Kevin Smith after he’d watched this a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. Re: Rush Is Right

    Dear Mr. Stranahan, Sorry to comment on a different subject, but I could not find any contact info (and I have a busy day!).

    I am fascinated not so much by what people think, but why. I found much honesty in your article about Rush. Part of the problem is the underlying premises we are starting with. Rush wants Obama’s plan to fail in the short run because he believes it will fail in the long run. His fear is that it will be successful in the short run, only to bring more ruin in the future.

    Contrast that with your desire for the Iraq War to fail. I assume you believe all sorts of nefarious reasons for the invasion and I do not and that no long term good could come from a successful mission. We start with different premises.

    We Conservatives believe that the long term effect of Obama’s plan must eventually bring ruin. I would like to know if you believe that no long term good will ever come from a prosperous and democratic Iraq?

    Richard Palmer
    San Francisco


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