Racists Cover Up Pigford Fraud

Racists Cover Up Pigford Fraud

I would never cover up fraud because the person who committed the fraud was white.

I would never attack someone exposing fraud because they were black.

Yet that’s the sort of blatant racism that helping to cover up the Pigford scandal. It’s not just being covered up the lawyers and politicians; it’s being covered up by regular people who make no bones about doing it for racist reasons.

There’s a lot of people freaking out over at the My Settlement Claims website right now. A lot of the posters seem to be people were waiting on a Pigford 2 settlement claim check and they are not at all happy with the fact that I am exposing fraud in the case.

A few days ago and woman who uses the name Paula Rich put a post saying that she personally knew of a woman who collected a half-million dollars in fraudulent claims.

Here’s what she wrote:

To be honest, not shooting myself in the foot, I know of 1 person who actaully did that in the first pigford case (bless her heart, she is deceased now), but she actually got at least 500,000 (all of the checks came to her address). I don’t think in pigford I you had to have a death certification and she had actaully filed in Pigford II about 10+ claims of different names, I don’t know if the people she filed for are deceased or living, but by her being deceased, no one followed up on it, because there again, it was fraud. She was an older lady, very swift and very greedy – THIS STORY IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then later Paula Rich said:

@cc: she was very, very slick. She got money for family membersand they did not know anything about it. If she had not pass away, shw was planning to doing the same thing. Again, I know of at least 10 letters from the administration office that came to her house after her death. She died right in 2010 (right before they starting mailing the application out). Her family got the applications, but they did not even know the people that she was applying for. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT.

Someone followed up with:

Paula….I haven’t responded because I know of two people who got over 250000.00 each filed over 5 claims and got the money….so I know that Mr Stranahan is telling the truth…..these people these cheaters liars and greedy people are the reason we are over a year into the settlement.

I posted and said I would like to speak to her about that story.

Now Paula Rich has posted this:

For the record, when I posted about the scenerio that I knew about, I did not know that Mr. Lee was on this blog. I am as real as they get and at the end of the day, the true is the true. What dog does Mr. Lee have in this fight, I don’t know and personally, I don’t care. As far as Ms. Waller is concern, I posted the information that she has given to me (whether it is true or not true) – I don’t know. I am not on anyone side as stated from the some of the bloggers. I do have an opinion on certain issues and I may respond or not respond. I want to see everyone get their long over due monies that is my prayer each day. So if I offended anyone, I am truly sorry.
It is distrubing to me that all this focus is on fraud in the Pigford II Settlement, but when the Indians got their monies last year, it went smooth as a cucumber. Either you are approved or not approved, NOT Mr. Lee or anyone else can stop what God has for you – beleive that!!!!!!!

This is backtracking and apologizing for bringing up a case of fraud. It’s immoral.

This sort of racist circle-the-wagons mentality that is on display everywhere in that forum exposes the ends justify the means mentaliy of common criminals.

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  1. There is fraud and Mr Stranshan I stated before that it needs to be investigated. They are wring and need to be caught. Those people commuting fraud make us all look like greedy liars. However, I do ask why you choose to investigate the small easy to pick on people and not the people collecting thousaunds of dollars daily from the settlement l. It is not a black issue to me. Its a fraud issue. The obuddman were approved for 300,000.00 dollars of the settlement funds to be paid in 15 days…..they have not given an update on the case in 12 months. Why are you not investigating that? The attorneys are requesting millions….but the people you are investigation have not received a dime. The fraud is wrong and should be exposed but why font you contact Alva Walker and investigate the ombudsman office for getting paid already over 400,000.00 thousand dollars without doing their job. You seem to have chosen an easy to pick on group of people to investigate and report on. I agree with what you are doing. I just don’t understand why you are focusing on such a small fish when the sharks are so much bigger.


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