Ramsay On Sebastian’s

I ran into Gordon Ramsay at the NBC commissary just now – he’s appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. It’s my second live Ramsay sighting. I said hi, thanked him for signing the cookbooks last time he was on Leno and got a hello and a firm handshake. Damn, he’s huge.

I didn’t want to take his time but I asked him if he’d been by Sebastian’s, the subject of one of the most infamous episodes of the US version of Kitchen Nightmares. I said “It’s closed” at exactly the same time he did and then he added “Thank god! That guy was a knob!” I can only ask you to imagine Ramsay’s accent saying ‘knob’; it almost had three syllables. Ramsay gave me a smile and a wink and that’s the update!


  1. Thanks for posting this story. Nice to hear what Gordon Ramsay is like when you bump into him at the NBC commissary.

  2. I’ve spent the afternoon watching a Kitchen Nightmare marathon on BBC instead of tending to my own kitchen (*ahem*). I’m ready for a new installment of “Boiling Point!”

    And that guy WAS a knob.

  3. To fully appreciate his Knobosity, do a search on this very blog for Sebastian’s – he’s left dozens of comments here. For reals.


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