Ron Brynaert’s Statement About Doug Stewart

Ron Brynaert sent me the following email. I am printing it as-is, although I have redacted some names and email addresses.

My statement, Lee, are questions for you to answer:
1). Do you think I’m an asshole for criticizing Doug after he threatened to post Social Security numbers of members of #OWS and Anonymous last fall?
2). Do you believe Doug was attacked with an ice pick by Anonymous last year?  And do you believe Doug that BarrettBrownLOL and Anonymous or anyone charged $10,000 to his grandfather’s credit card, which he told me on the last night we talked on the phone?  Does he have police or FBI reports to prove either of those allegations?
3) Do you think Doug was lying or just forgot that he went after Darrah Ford on Twitter last June but argued with me that he wasn’t working with Liberty Chick until July after he was introduced to Mike Stack?
4). Do you agree with Mandy that Doug went “over the line” in this email and can you please publish it on your charming website?
That’s all I have to say regarding Doug, for now..
Here’s the email Ron is referring to #4 — I note that Doug had already apologized for it because Ron included the apology.
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3:49 AM
Subject: Re: Another thing

Mandy is right. Ron I am sorry. I didnt really mean that. Im acting out of emotions and frustration. I am still disappointed in your responses though. Im heading to bed.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 3:32 AM, Liberty Chick wrote:Dude…over the line.  Sorry about your friend, but you can’t talk like that.  I don’t want to see it.  Go chill out, step away from the email.  Leave Ron alone tonight, let cooler heads prevail and regroup tomorrow.  Everyone.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 3:11 AM, Douglas Stewart wrote:

Hey Ron,

Another reason why Im on edge is because I came home to make dinner tonight and found out that my lifelong friend David hanged himself. It will be in the Manhattan/New York Obits either tomorrow or the next day.

Services will be held in CT where he is originally from on Thursday and Friday. He was wildly successful and the questionable death of his mother at the hands of his step-father never sat well with him. So that along with my incident, and youre bullshit gives me a short temper.

But still, fuck you anyways. I know your world isnt real but mine is.

You know what the worst part about it is? He researched it extensively. He knew the that the ceiling height in his apartment and the beams would not only hold him but give him enough drop according to his body weight to snap his neck. But whatever, he put his research to good use. I really wish that you wouldve been in his situation and spent all your time and energy trying to figure out how to hang yourself. He was 29 and accomplished more in a week than you will accomplish in your life. Fuck off


Douglas Stewart

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  1. Wow. That’s a horrible story.

    I’m not super familiar with Doug Stewart, but I’m very sorry he lost his friend that way.



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