Rush: Fly By Night Music Video From 1975

Rush: Fly By Night Music Video From 1975

I’ve been a fan of Canadian power trio Rush for a long, long time but I hadn’t seen this video from 1975 of them playing Fly By Night until a couple of nights ago,

  • Neil Peart not just wearing a cross, but the cross actually gets a bizarre sort of closeup…unless they were trying to show the awesome gold fringe detail
  • Alex Lifeson looking like Peter Frampton in camp
  • Geddy Lee before he’d ever discovered hair conditioner.
  • A very early Neil drum kit with no high toms and three floor toms.
  • A complete lack of focus on Geddy’s bass playing
  • A very sad looking set that appears to have been a been from a high school production of Macbeth put painted black. Plus a banner. A forlorn banner.
  • Neil doing a lot of Keith Moon stick moves plus twirls galore.
  • I’m not even going to comment on Geddy’s shirt.
  • A fisheye lens. Why not?

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  1. Here’s another from the same session. Good stuff!


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