Search Traffic For “Critical Race Theory”:Behold The Lack Of Interest!

The mainstream press would love you to believe that the video tape of Derrick Bell and Barack Obama is a big fat funky failure. Nobody care. Nothing to see. They want to ignore the fact that real Americans actually do care about radicals and do their own research.

Proof? Derrick Bell is one of the main advocates of Critical Race Theory. Look at the Google search results for “Critical Race Theory” in the last 8 years. See any sort of spike?


  1. What, exactly, is this supposed to prove? That wingnuts who read wingnut blogs have something new to “research?”

    Not sure anyone’s going to argue with you about that.

  2. This has gotta be the most pointless assertion I’ve seen since the Bell tape.

    You guys are pathetic.

  3. Lee ,Obamas CRT crew plays a strategic game deceiving big business.
    Big business doesn’t understand that when the supreme court and government is stacked with CRT disciples Obama doesn’t need their money or cooperation , as they can take and do anything they like by misusing the law .

    Big business think corrupt radicals will be for sale for ever , but they are just for rent until they have total control.

    “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Lenin.


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