Secret Audio: Top Rand Paul Staffer Doug Stafford Managing Illegal Campaign Op

Secret Audio: Top Rand Paul Staffer Doug Stafford Managing Illegal Campaign Op

Sen. Rand Paul & Doug Stafford

A secretly recorded audio conversation from 2010 shows National Right to Work Vice President Doug Stafford managing the vast illegal campaign operation that took place in multiple states over a period of years. The recording was made by whistleblower and former NRTW employee Dennis Fusaro, who was ostensibly in charge of Iowa during 2010.

Stafford is a key staffer for Sen. Rand Paul. He was an advisor to Paul during 2010, while at the same time working as a V.P. for National Right to Work. Currently, Doug Stafford is the head of Rand Paul’s Rand PAC and is calling the shots in the run-up to Paul’s potential Presidential run.

The National Right To Work Committee is a 501(c)(4). Their required IRS 990 forms for the year 2010 claim the group was not involved in direct campaign activity, as shown in Part IV,  question 3.


The unedited audio leaves no doubt whatsoever that Stafford was managing and intimately familiar with direct campaign activity that was being coordinated with candidates.

The 20+ minute audio speaks for itself but here are some highlights to note.

Key NRTW staffers mentioned throughout are Dimitri Kesari and Jerad Gamble, who ran the day-to-day operations of the illegal writing, printing and mailing program.

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  • At 1:30, Stafford says that ‘a large portion of the Mail Operation will be moving with Dimitri to Indiana.’
  • At 2:00, Stafford says ‘four years of election cycles of having Dimitri and his guys run the mail shop, shows me that that’s who needs to be running the mail shop.’
  • At 3:25 mentions ‘as per Mark’s direction’ moving people to Indiana. This appears to indicate that NRTW President Mark Mix was aware of the mail operation.
  • At 6:40, Stafford asks about the status of the candidate mailings.
  • At 10:10, Stafford says “We’re seriously sending out 2,000,000 pieces of mail.” It’s unclear whether this refers to legal activity, such as surveys or the direct campaign activity.
  • At 12:00, Stafford and Fusaro discuss enticing candidates to join the NRTW mail program.
  • At 13:00 Stafford discusses how the house Republicans in Iowa didn’t like the NRTW mail program and how candidates who used the NRTW program were ‘bucking the party.”
  • At 16:30, Stafford discusses the decision to move the secret printing operation from Iowa to Indiana.
  • 17:50, Stafford discusses how postage will be handled for six candidates; they will pay for postage since it’s third class mail.


Here is the audio:

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