Seth Godin – Part 1

I have had the unique privilege of being able to interview a number of really amazing people in the past few weeks; from artists like Amanda Palmer to bloggers like Chris Gilllebeau to entertainment industry executives like Chris de Faria. One unifying theme in all these interviews is the idea that we are at a point where being a creative individual, not a commodity, isn’t just a nice idea — it’s becoming an absolute economic necessity.

Best-selling author Seth Godin today released his full fledged treatise on that very subject, his new book Linchpin.  Godin begins the book by telling you that you are a genius and spends the rest of the book making the case why it’s important you believe him.

I had a 40 minute discussion with Seth Godin a couple of weeks ago and in the next few days I invite you back to hear the entire thing, which I’ll be posting as an MP3 a few more segments on YouTube. If you’re Seth Godin fan, I think you will really enjoy the entire interview because I was able to get Godin to discuss a little bit about his process, and his relationship with his readers.

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If you’re interested in more Seth Godin hoopla, you’ll definitely want to check out the Squidoo page Seth has put together that links to a number of other articles and blog posts about the book. (And please vote up this post!)

This video is also part of my article on The Huffington Post “We All Live In Detroit”.

And here’s Seth talking about education…

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  1. I’m in a deadend job, I really need to take some advice and get some small business going! =) I need to find a niche small company of some sort.

  2. I loved this! And also the fact that you are an unschooling parent (as we are too and have been doing it as we travel the world non-stop since 2006).

    I found you on Twitter, went to Huff Po and that led me hear. I loved the educational video so much that I blogged it!

    Seth’s new book really speaks to me or the premise at any rate, as I’ve yet to read it, but seem to agree wholeheartedly with everything I’ve read so far about it.



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