Shifting To A Make Money Mindset

In the five years that I’ve had a full time 8-4 job, part of my brain has melted away. When I was freelance for the prior fifteen years or so, I constantly had MAKE SOME MONEY thoughts rolling around in the back of my head. I had to or I wouldn’t have eaten.

Now that I get a check every Thursday, those brain cells are dead. I know money is coming is in and even though it’s not enough to pay my bills, really, that false sense of security envelopes me in a nice warm cocoon of stupid so I don’t have to have income ideas percolating. Now I think about all sorts of stuff – art projects, things I can write, film ideas – but making money isn’t a constant.

If ever there was a reason to not have a job, this is it.

It really does lull you into the self sustaining myth that having a job solves some problems. In my case, it’s caused more problems than it solved if I stop to think about it. I’ve gotten further in debt because my false security said taking on more debt would work out okay since I have a job. It’s cost me income. It’s hurt my brain.

So I’m having to kickstart my brain and literally force myself to try and get the freelance attitude back, even though I’m still at my day job right now. I try to trick myself into thinking that no more paychecks are coming When I have an idea that could generate income, I jump on it and try to take some action on it right away to create a little momentum for myself.

What do you do to keep your brain generating income producing ideas for you?


  1. Think of it more in terms of finding and doing stuff you like, with money as *a* benefit, not *the* benefit. Don’t focus on the money so much as you’ll end up doing stuff you don’t like just to make it. (sound familiar?)

    While your brain may be dead with a J.O.B., it does provide income while you figure stuff out. Those with jobs should keep them, but explore other stuff with your free time (if you don’t have it, and you’re not making money with it, you have another problem).

    The extra income can be used to pay down debt and build wealth.

    It’s cliche, but money isn’t the answer, nor is a credit rating, or comparing yourself to your peers’ stuff. Find what makes you tick, and do that. I have a feeling I know what that might be for you, and I don’t even know you that well. 😉

  2. I’m a lousy capitalist. Most ideas I have end up being immensely unprofitable, largely because they’re artistic in nature and I refuse to compromise art for commerce. Thus, here I sit, in the cube.

  3. The key is putting ideas into action. Oh, and picking one, MAYBE, two ideas to work on at any given time. I’ve seen over the years your various website ‘ideas’, that then languish and eventually die. I own over 75 domain names based around various ideas I’ve had over the last few years. Some have content on them, most are dead. With bluehost, for a couple bucks a month, you can host unlimited domains. So, pick an idea, (you probably already own the domain), and WORK at it. Dedicate an hour a day to that project ONLY. If it’s a good idea, people will come.


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