Social Networking, 5ives

I’ve added myself to a couple of social networking sites – Tribe and MySpace. (I’m about 20 years too old for MySpace, I know.)I’ve spent a couple of years more or less hiding out and laying low so I guess I’m feeling the need to get some of my art out there and promoted again. I’m adding ‘friends’ to and fro. I’ve even found a few people that I actually know in real life.

I’ve also realized that content for the blog during the week is a little tricky, since the week mainly consists of me working. Not a lot of material there, really. So like a cook stretching a meal further through the judicious use of rice, I’m going to stretch the material a little bit by doing lists of 5 things, an idea I’m stealing from Merlin Mann’s 5ives site. Merlin is the dude behind 43 Folders, a really great site. He seems like a neat person. I should socially network him!

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