Some Hope…

As depressing as recent events have become, Brue Fein points out some facts that do give me some hope.

…the Cheney doctrine of an unchecked presidency is now unravelling. The Supreme Court has rebuked the executive branch over military commissions and its unfettered authority to detain citizens as enemy combatants. A federal appeals court has held that resident aliens may not be detained indefinitely as enemy combatants without accusation or trial. On Capitol Hill, Congress is demanding White House documents and witnesses pertinent to the firing of US attorneys and the legal rationale for the NSA’s spying on Americans. A popular and congressional crescendo is growing against keeping US troops in Iraq. Some Republicans are scheming to remove Mr Cheney from office prior to the November 2008 elections. And the vice-president’s approval rating is minuscule and plunging.

The Belgravia Dispatch: Sane Conservatives: They Still Exist

Cheney doesn’t care about any of this, though. My question is whether Bush and Cheney have some big up their sleeves to try and stop the unraveling or whether they will just run out the clock.

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