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I’ve had a low level cough for around four weeks now. I haven’t been feeling congested particulary and for the first couple of weeks I wasn’t feeling congested at all.

About a week ago, I started taking cough drops and it really helped. Sure, I had to keep sucking on a fresh cough drop every few minutes and Lauren can’t get too close to me because the menthol smell makes her nostrils flare and involuntarily jerk her head back and I have dozens of little cough drop wrappers in piles all around my office and bedroom. But it’s stopped my cough.

It’s also stopped my tastebuds. Everything tastes awful. Bowls of cereal taste like cardboard chips. A bowl of ginger beef from a really good Thai restaurant down the street tasted like like straw and paste. I can’t cook either but I overseason everything. I committed an atrocity to a perfectly good bowl of chicken soup Lauren made and then suffered through it to atone.

It got worse whem I went from the Honey Lemon flavor to the Strawberry flavor. Strawberry is much sweeter, so now the Honey Lemon flavor tastes like I’m sucking on rocks from a fish bowl.

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