The #Benghazi Cover-up Part One : Introduction For Twitter

The #Benghazi Cover-up  Part One : Introduction For Twitter

Welcome to an experiment in online journalism as I live tweet a story as I write it in real time. The story is one I’ve uncovered in the past few days and it’s significant: CNN covered up their own story on Benghazi to protect Pres. Obama.

That’s a serious charge but as I lay out the evidence methodically tonight for you, there’s no other conclusion I can come up with.

I’m writing this out in a word processor (I use Ulysses on the Mac) and then copying the text to Twitter as I write, in real time. I’m also going to be linking to every link in the chain of evidence and facts I present. This will include websites, photos and video.

Be skeptical. I urge you to follow along and check my work. Feel free to question or challenge me. That’s why I’m tweeting.

A couple of quick notes before we begin. First, I’m only going to tweet about this story until I’m done, hours from now.

This is to keep things orderly & easy to follow. So, for the next few hours, no jokes, music or food / kid photos.

Second, I’m going to be tweeting a lot. If you aren’t interested in #Benghazi, mute or unfollow for a bit and see you down the road.

Third, there will be some gaps in my tweeting. Again: this is real time. I’m going to researching, grabbing video, eating and so on.

Finally, to keep it organized you’ll see periodic ‘chapter breaks’ written IN ALL CAPS to make them easy to spot visually as you scroll.

I’m going to start by laying out a few important background facts about #Benghazi, then go into the timeline that clarifies what happened.

Thanks for being part of this. This is animportant, significant story. I appreciate your valuable time and attention.

Let’s rock.

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