The Kimberlin Saga’s Second Front

I want to keep this post short, simple and clear.

Anyone following the Brett Kimberlin / Brad Friedman / Neal Rauhauser story knows that it can be very confusing. It involves some events that have taken place over a period of decades. It involves a number of different crimes and tactics.  There is a large cast of characters, some of whom are anonymous or fake identities. There is also intentional disinformation that gets injected into the story, such as Brett Kimberlin constantly accusing other people of things that he has actually been doing. He phones people’s employers, for example, and then in court he claims that other people are harassing him.

The epic nature of the story can make it all very hard to follow.

But people need to be aware that there is a second factor that adds an extra layer of chaos to an already chaotic story. There is a group of people that create a second front in the Kimberlin saga.

I’ll call this group the Twitter-Gaters. At the core of this group is a man named Patrick Read /  @SwiftRead, Greg Howard / @GregWHOward and a woman named Michelle / @ZAPEM. There are other people connected with this group at this point, including Mike Stack and Brooks Bayne.

The Twitter-Gaters are very strident about something that they call Twittergate. This was an online war aimed at conservatives on Twitter that Neal Rauhauser was involved a few years ago.

To keep this post simple, I’m not going to get into the details of Twittergate or exactly how it fits into the Kimberline saga. I’ll write more about that at some other point. For our purposes here, I am just pointing out that Twittergate existed and that there’s a group of people that are hyper-focused on it still to this day.

The extra layer of chaos comes because the Twitter-Gaters relentlessly and ruthlessly attack anyone who they don’t feel is giving sufficient attention to Twittergate or covering the Kimberlin Saga in a way that they approve of. Further, they use tactics that are similar to those of Team Kimberlin. 

This has happened to people like Mandy Nagy aka @Liberty_Chick. Not only has she been attacked by Team Kimberlin but she’s also been attacked by the Twitter-Gaters. The Twitter-Gaters have harassed Mandy online, threatened lawsuits and even tried to get her fired from her job.

Obviously, none of this has helped the reporting of the Kimberlin / Friedman / Rauhauser story.

Hopefully, this adds some clarity to what you’re seeing online. There is a two front war for many of us trying to report the story — attacked by Team Kimberlin and these Twitter-Gaters, day and night. If you have questions please ask them in comments.

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