The Long Tail Of Personality

Has Chris Anderson – author of the great The Long Tail and editor at the great Wired – been in the cloistered world of the professional writer / editor for too long? Does he really not understand blogging or the personal online journals in general? I guess not, since he dicusses Micheal Kinsley’s recent Slate article on MySpace and blogging and then Anderson writes…

I suspect that most people who put their innermost thoughts online don’t really expect them to be read by anyone other than their friends (a strategy known as “security through obscurity”), and sometimes not even them.

The Long Tail

If anything, MySpace is just a big messy freeform version of something from the early 1990s – the AOL profile. You list your likes, dislikes, favorites and so on. And – duh – that’s a decent summary of a person. It’s not an innermost anything. It’s a laundry list to meet other people with similar interests. And that’s not exactly new news.

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