The “Randy” Ruse: Part 1

For a few weeks now, I’ve been investigating ‘Randy Taylor-Hahn’, the mysterious fraudster that I first encountered while researching a piece for Brooks Bayne’s site The Trenches aboout Twitter activist @Shoq making an illegal recording of a phone call with “Randy”.

Who is “Randy”?

To give you a little context, I’m going to quote some accurate sections of a post by liberal writer Matt Osborne, who was part of @Shoq’s #StopRush campaign against Limbaugh. Since I’m quoting Osborne, I should point out that a number of parts of Osborne’s post are totally inaccurate. Specifically, Osborne seems to believe that Randy is an operative who works for me, Breitbart or the National Bloggers Club and that is not at all true. That being said, much of the article about “Randy” IS accurate and that’s what I’ll quote.

Concerning the origins of “Randy”, Osborne says:

A few weeks ago, someone approached prominent #stoprush volunteers with offers to employ them full-time in a project called #StopRushTexas. Randy Taylor-Hahn, AKA R. J. Taylor-Hahn, discussed projects with these recruits, made assurances of his bona fides, and bragged about his family connections — claiming, among other things, to be a personal friend of the late Molly Ivins. Also, that he was fabulously rich and employed plenty of worker bees.

But, alas — Randy lied. This is all captured on that illegally recorded phone call I mentioned earlier. It’s like an hour long but basically, @Shoq is trying to figure out whether Randy is really the rich person Democrat he says he is. This is from the really weird site that “Randy” recently posted. 

And he’s not. “Randy” isn’t even named Randy. Turns out he registered a domain name and seems to have left his real name — Jason Taylor — up there. Remember, I’ve communicated with Randy / James by email and phone and sure enough; the phone number and email listed in this (publicly available) info match what I have. Further, a friend of mine was in Houston recently and checked the address; that matches a woman named Beverly Taylor, who “Randy” mentions on the call. I phoned Ms. Taylor (at the company Randy says she works at) and despite Mr. Taylor being listed at her address, she claimed to have never have heard of it.

However, she DID ask if he was in trouble.

And as Osborne points out, Mr. Taylor also has criminal history:

Jason Wade Taylor has a criminal record. A public records search turns up a 2008 arrest (image) in Houston for stealing a tank of gas, his third conviction for theft. As a three-time loser, Jason was charged with a felony under Texas law and served time in lockup. His second conviction (also for a gas drive-off – image) was listed to a different address five houses down the street. He tried to skip bail on his first felony conviction in 1997 (image), when he was charged with stealing over $1500 and sentenced to eight months in prison.

So — Randy is really Jason who is a convicted felon.

Which still leaves a big question — what he is UP to? Why is he doing all this?

More on that in Part 2…


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