The Turnaround

The first thing I did today — before I checked my e-mail, Twitter or Facebook – was to go downstairs and get on the treadmill for a half hour. As I have written previously, one of my goals for this year has been to take better care of myself physically, and I realized that I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it’s just not going to get done. There are 1000 excuses for me not to go exercise. And apparently I mean this literally, because somehow I’ve managed to go for weeks at a time without any exercise at all.

Little side note here; for me, this is certainly one of the hazards of working at home. When your commute is about 15 feet long, you can sort of get away with about 300 feet of walking a day combined with strenuous bouts of sitting in a chair and the exertion of Internet surfing.

So now I’ve had one day in a row of hitting the treadmill for a half hour combined with a small smidgen of free weights , and I’m proud of myself, because it’s a start. Then I had a shower, did a quick check of e-mail and social media, returned a business call that had come in while I was exercising and now — look at me go! — here I am doing an actual honest to god blog post because posting here on this site more often is another one of my goals.

One thing that I think helped is a course I’m taking with Naomi Dunford and Ashley Sinclair about money. The course started last Thursday and it wasn’t what I expected; they began by doing some visualization and neurolinguistic programming type of exercises — the kind of thing meant to hit you in the subconscious and not your “rational” mind. (You know the rational mind; it’s that thing that delivers excuses, rationalizations, overly optimistic projections, overly pessimistic projections, and other random meaningless thoughts that seem really really important at the time.)

So, the first week of the course surprised me in a good way. For example, I learned that my “money age” — the age that I deal with money — is 23. And I even figured out why. But all the NLP stuff that Naomi and Ashley were talking about also had an immediate effect in other areas of our life. And then this morning I was on the treadmill. So, yay them.

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