Train Day

One of my plans for this vacation week was to take the kids out on a train ride. You can ride the Metro system for $3 for the entire day and the North Hollywood and Universal stations are less then 10 minutes from our place.

So at about noon, we set up. We brought water bottles and some chips in a bag. We had fun – the train was a biug adventure for Jack and Olivia. We stopped at Hollywood and Highland for a little bit so Shane could see the giant bean bag chairs at LoveSac. I’d love a few of those in a yurt, I would. (On a side note, while finding the LoveSac link I found the CEO of the company’s blog, which I want to check out later.)

Then we went a few more stops to the Vermont And Santa Monica station, where the mighty El Gran Burrito is. We had four of their great tacos, plug nachos and chicken chimichangas that were great.

Chimichangas, Cotija Cheese And Crema At El Gran Burrito

Then I was tired and hot and kind of sick and it was around three o’clock so we went home. The kids would have liked to keep going but the trains were starting to become standing room only and I just couldn’t deal.

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