Two Ignored Stories On Race That Are Much Worse Than Paula Deen

Two Ignored Stories On Race That Are Much Worse Than Paula Deen

One of the reasons the Paula Deen freakout bothers me so much is that I think it’s important that America gets real about race. I believe that we can’t really move forward as a country until we move forward talking about black / white race relations especially.

What Paula Deen said thirty years ago isn’t the flippin’ problem. It’s a complete distraction from the problem, actually.

The problem with race issues in America is that it’s complex. Issues about being black and white aren’t as simple as black or white and the issue of how politics and race interweave don’t especially make either the Republicans or Democrats look especially awesome. If you read any of the best writers on the subject from Thomas Sowell to Randall Kennedy, you’ll see a level of nuance discussed that you never, ever see in the mainstream media.

So with that in mind, let me highlight two stories that I think are clearly several orders of magnitude worse than anything discussed in about Paula Deen but are getting much more press attention. These stories are both unbelievably disturbing and they are both contemporary, not about past wrongs.  One is example of anti-black racism, the other an example of anti-white racism.

1) Racist Humiliation Vomit Porn

WARNING: This is potentially triggering. Be aware of that before click the link below; it goes to a description, not the actual thing but it’s still awful.

I’m about the furthest thing from a prude you might imagine. I’m sex-positive and  anti-censorship. I have a background shooting erotic photography, including BDSM photos that many would find extreme.

All that being said, (here’s the link warning again) this is the worst thing in the world and in my opinion the makers of it should be prosecuted for obscenity. It’s exploitative, blatantly racist, genuninley misogynistic, and completely without any redeeming value whatsoever. The money changing hands actually makes it worse, too.

I can’t imagine a single person defending it and yet it exists and there’s no major media coverage of it that I can find. This is real racism, it exists right now, and it’s not being talked about.

2) Black Racist Mob Violence 

In the past few year, there’s been an epidemic of mobs of black youths attacking white people or looting stores. It’s referred to as flash mobs in some cases and the violent, criminal flash mobs seem from my research to be exclusively black.

If a gang of white teens went on a violent rampage against black people at a public event, it would make national news immediately — and nobody would possibly defend it. But incident after incident after incident has happened with black-on-white violence and the national press has ignored it.

Here’s just a few examples. There are many, many, many more. Again, ignored by the media.


  1. Lee, it seems the issues over Paula Deen that aren’t being addressed, this case is really about what has occurred in the work place in recent times, not historical. In Paula Deen’s Restaurant, and filed by the manager of the Restaurant. Deals with Racial.. Sexual Jokes, issues over drug usage by one of Paula’s family members. The Court Records are out there to read and go over. So the aspect of a racial comment some 30 years ago, well it is a distraction.
    Because the real case is Employer / Employee – relationship .. This has come back and bit Paula in the back side, big time.. Which if all of the accusations are true, it should.. But, since it still hasn’t gone to trial and a Judge nor Jury has passed a verdict.. We really need to set back and wait on passing judgment ourselves…

  2. Even if everything you are saying is true–in fact, take the worst rumor you’ve heard about Deen and double it–does it even REMOTELY compare to either thing I posted here? And how does the media coverage compare.


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