Ubuntu For Vista Switch

I’ve been using Windows Vista Beta for months now. I sort of like it, kind of. The constant security pop ups are a total pain in the ass and some applications just don’t work with it, but it’s pretty enough. It’s…fine. But the free beta version ended yesterday and backtracking to XP seemed like a real horror show AND I don’t have the money to upgrade this week since rent is due. I didn’t want the computer to be down for a week since it’s the main computer that Lauren uses, so I spent a few hours yesterday and installed Ubuntu 7.04 instead.

The install wasn’t too painful once I created two partitions on the extra drive I have in the computer. I made them small – 10 gigs for the main one and 5 gigs for the swap – but that was plenty of space. Downloaded the Live CD version, did the install and once it was done I followed the directions on the extremely useful 13 Things Must Do Things On Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, which gives you step-by-step instructions on adding fairly essential stuff particularly if you want to use Ubuntu for internet surfing, such as getting Flash and Java installed. I got that going last night and so today Lauren was able to get online and it worked well enough. Some problems with the audio playing and Lauren misses Yahoo Music.

Then tonight I started to figure out Beryl, which is an amazingly badass thing that gives you all sorts of graphic coolness for Ubuntu, including the glassy / gauzy look that Vista has that is supposed to be a big selling point. Really, it’s incredible – words won’t do it justice. Then I installed Celtx, the free open source screenwriting / media production tool because Script Frenzy starts tomorrow and damn it, I’m going to do it. So now I’m even happier with Ubuntu. All free, all legal. If I were putting together an office for writers, it’s what I’d use…

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