Up A Level, Two Steps Back

I’ve spent the past few weeks woodshedding, learning new equipment and workflows and trying to figure out my next bold move. I’ve had some degree of success with my film making starting back in December and that led to a few neat paid gigs but I’d trying to figure out where it all leads.

Giving this site a makeover is part of that. It’s more work than just theme switching because it requires figuring out a new workflow for blogging and also the wider question of how much to blog and about what. I’m just not in that groove yet but I’m getting closer to figuring out the new normal around here.

Another step will be some longer form documentary projects that I’ll be announcing over the weekend – but there’s one I’ll mention now, since the sheriff showed up the other morning and put it on the front burner. Lauren and I are working on a film about the drama that her father Alan Boxer has added to her life over the years. It’s got family drama, legal drama galore, twists and surprises – you can read more about it here.

Image Credit our appearance improvements on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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