WATCH: ANOTHER Christian Village In Syria Attacked By U.S. Supported Rebels (Video Warning)

WATCH: ANOTHER Christian Village In Syria Attacked By U.S. Supported Rebels (Video Warning)

It’s happened again.

WARNING: This video is gruesome.

In September, a small Christian village north of Damascus, Syria was attacked by rebel forces including al-Nusra Muslim jihadists. The village of Maaloula is an ancient tie to Christianity and it’s one  last places where Aramaic is spoken.

This past week, another small Christian village north of Damascus was attacked by combined forces including the Free Syria Army (FSA),  al-Nusra and ISIS (Islamic State Of Iran and Syria) rebels.

Sadat, like Maaloula, has a population of about 3,000. It’s also one of the few places on earth where Aramaic, the language Jesus probably spoke, is used. Sadat is mentioned in the Bible; it’s on the boundary of the ancient land of Canaan.

Like Maaloula, some details are sketchy. Reports say thirty vehicles swept into Sadad on October 21st and took over the hospital and government buildings. The rebels are said to have ordered people back into their homes. The Syria Army took back the village but nine villagers were said to have been killed.

But the video speaks for itself: FSA rebels (John Kerry’s “moderates”) are standing over corpses and shouting Alluha Akbar (the phrase John McCain said is the same as “Thank god!”)

Why was Sadat targeted? Watch the video. It’s same people who attacked Maaloula.

When I went to Lebanon a few weeks ago, I interviewed survivors of the Maaloula attack. They were clear about the attack on their village; people were killed in Maaloula for no other reason than that they were Christian.

This is a crisis.

I’m planning to go back to the Middle East in December to cover this story. Please donate if you can.



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