Watch This Sopranos Trailer Tribute

Watch This Sopranos Trailer Tribute

Even though it was started in 2008, I just found this Definitive Explanation of the Ending of the The Sopranos website and wow, it’s definitive; an exhaustive and slightly exhausting multi-page essay with photos and video attempting to prove beyond any doubt that Tony was indeed whacked in the final episode.

I’m sold. Further, it made me appreciate the craft and forethought that went into the show. There are extensive quotes from David Chase that really bring home the idea that one of the most controversial finales in TV history was brilliant beyond belief. In you’re a filmmaker or fan of the show, it’s really worth your time.

At the end of the essay are a couple of Sopranos videos by an extremely talented trailer editor named Lyle. This one is from 2010 but it’s pretty hearth wrenching in the wake of the recent loss of actor James Gandolfini. More from Lyle (including other shows) here.

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