Wed. May 1st is Everybody Blog About #Pigford Day

Wed. May 1st is Everybody Blog About #Pigford Day

I invite you to blog about the fraud, voting buying and legal shenanigans revolving around the farmers settlement claims generally referred to as Pigford, this coming Wednesday, May 1st.

As you may know, I’ve worked on the Pigford story since very shortly after I met Andrew Breitbart in late 2010. I went on the road for three months, interviewing people connected with the case. The story was a passion for Andrew, me and many others at Breitbart News. It was always frustrating because we knew we’d nailed the story but the mainstream media ignored it.

You can help make a difference and make sure they can’t ignore it. You can add YOUR voice to this story and join other bloggers, writers and artists in making sure the story gets out there. 

Today, the New York Times had an epic piece on the front page about the fraud in farmers settlement. The piece is first rate. Whatever you think of the Times, this is a huge breakthrough because the story vindicates all the work that Andrew, me and others have put in on it; it confirms the major conclusions we reached and adds new details. Because the New York Times sets the agenda for much of the mainstream media, it’s already had an effect.

But I need your help to keep the momentum going.


Here’s What You Can Do

May 1st is a crucial date because farmers settlements for women and hispanic farmers are STILL open — the claim form is at — but the deadline for these schemes is May 1st.

Right now – start to get educated on Pigford. There’s a ton of material on and other places. Google and you’ll see.

On May 1st — let’s make it a different kind of May Day. Write, blog, make a film, sing a song — anything about the farmer settlements. Make it as long or as short as you want.

We’re going to create a massive news firewall to get this information out to the public. The abuse and fraud are outrageous.

Here’s What I Will Do

I’m going to release information including video footage and links to help you research and write.  I’m going to publicize Everybody About Pigford Day. 

Right Now

Help spread the word! Tweet, FB — tell people about Everybody Blog About Pigford Day. May 1st!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.

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