#Weinergate: Explain How This Isn’t POSSIBLE?

I read this post –  Weinergate: Someone Smarter Than Me: Explain Why This Is Not Possible – at my friend Patterico’s site and I have a question.

Explain to me how I know that a normally rational person hasn’t been kidnapped and had their blog account taken over by conspiracy theorist? I mean – it’s POSSIBLE, isn’t it?

PS – if anyone thinks the theory put forth is possible, just ask and I’ll start naming reasons.


  1. Having posted the post, I think I would qualify as someone who thinks it’s possible.

    So please start naming reasons.

  2. Lee,

    I think it is time for a holiday edition of Blog Talk with Lee and Patrick.


  3. Patterico’s post didn’t strike me as ludicrous. If there’s reasons it couldn’t be true, its not readily available information because there’s no article setting forth all this information.

    E.g., I think you may have said Jenny said stuff that only she could know, but is that really true? I don’t know.

    I’m sure everyone is googling Jennifer George Boston, and the ones I saw didn’t look like possibly demented weiner stalkers. but i can’t know until the information is released.

  4. Well…I read a lot. So I’m not having a problem imagining your scenario.

    I’m having an even easier time imagining a series of plausible misunderstandings.

    I proclaim my agnosticism, and eagerly await some actual proof, at some point.

  5. Here’s the simple answer — there’s no reason — none — to doubt that the woman who the police spoke to isn’t the exact same woman who talked to me and Jen Preston on the phone.

    Any ‘explanation’ that denies this becomes a far fetched fiction.

    The woman the police spoke to directed them to the same teacher that Preston and I spoke to.

  6. “Here’s the simple answer — there’s no reason — none — to doubt that the woman who the police spoke to isn’t the exact same woman who talked to me and Jen Preston on the phone.”

    Mmmm, that’s good reasoning! The evidence is just getting piled on my head!

  7. “The woman the police spoke to directed them to the same teacher that Preston and I spoke to.”

    So what does this mean?

    The theory posits that the woman the police spoke to is the real woman. You get that part, right?

  8. Hi Lee, I tweeted to you about Jenny George recently when you posted on twitter the dialog with @americanpatriot76 – I suggested to locate them via doing a search online at -The City of Boston Assessor’s office. I also said to try Massachusetts Avenue at Washington Street saying the Georges may still own that property and that is a very interesting story.
    LEE? My last address was near that corner. The building next door to me was owned also by the Georges. The threats and verbage are quite familiar to me. I am a survivor of the Mob Control of Boston. The kingpin of the Boston mafia was captured last week in CA – Whitey Bulger whose brother former speaker of the Senate was protected Howie Carr who is a local talk show host for WRKO-680AM has a new book released about this subject. SO you are thinking what has this to do about WEINERGATE? Ha, I won’t go into all the details now, please just trust this hunch: George is a Greek name. Not all Greeks are gay, per se, but a lot of them are promoters of that. HOW do I know. HEY, I grew up in Lowell, MA where there is a huge Greek Population – At the time of Whitey’s reign, Mike Dukakis was GOV. He is Greek. MA is the most liberal state in the US. Barney Frank and David Scondras were the first politicians to “come out” WHY? Paul Tsongas -legislator, died of AIDS it was covered up as Old Age and his wife is now in office. Frank and Scondras had girlfriends who did not want to play that game. I went to high school w Scondras. Dukakis wanted David to rekindle his relationship w me which I was last to know of, to get him in as City Councilor, which he was for 10 years until the gay life destroyed him.
    SO, I am a survivor and in the know. I escaped and moved to NH 5 years ago. The gays control MA. They fought me until I was homeless and a few good friends took me in and helped me through that, then I suffered the proverbial mafia payback broken leg….. in a nutshell – the Weinergate connection is this – PORNOGRAPHY is key to fund-raising for politicians, and for the gay agenda and Porn is still controlled by Mafiosis, in NY and in MA and elsewhere in the US. The names involved are shocking. This explains why, all my careful endorsing of who is in charge of the gay marriage fight gets short circuited at the legislative vote times. In the 80’s it was CWA, in the 90’s my influence of endorsement changed that to Mass Resistance who I linked with Torah Jews for Decency in NY who did the NY fight together. I am not exaggerating or bragging here, its facts. Few people care to get this involved in the background. The NH battle went w CWA because I was not here soon enough. Last week-end, NY passed the gay marriage. A day or so before the vote, there was ONE vote needed to stop it. When the vote went down, there were 10 caved in votes. This sort of stuff went on in MA all the time with the Romney cave in artist. As I mentioned here, above, Pornography $ fuels the gay movement and the gay movement is part of the traditional mafia and Gay porn is now in the lead of the porn industry $ for Politics. Its simple, the gays wait till the right conservatives are finished talking and then they force themselves in for their last minute threats – which must be, vote for the gay marriage or you won’t get elected because we will take away your source money which is from PORN. Romney for ex. depends on Mormon Porno money from Marriot who retired, sold the hotels but not the rights to the TV”S which provide Porn money for Romney. Please go to Mass Resistance dot org to read about the NY battle. If you want more detailed information let me know. I know more about this stuff than you will ever want to know. The Georges are slumlords per se….

  9. “Here’s the simple answer — there’s no reason — none — to doubt that the woman who the police spoke to isn’t the exact same woman who talked to me and Jen Preston on the phone.”

    This is the kind of response that I find infuriating. You said you would list reasons and when the time comes to do so, you simply pronounce that it is so.

  10. Lee, I’ll buy your assertion that the “person” with whom you and Jen spoke is the same “person” the MA police spoke to. But you have not proved to my satisfaction that if that “person” physically walked through the professor’s front door he would recognize her as a former student, or that she in fact IS the former student Jenny George. That’s a critical piece of the ID verification process that still seems, well, unverified . What say you?

  11. Lee, one thing you seem to be discounting is that there are so many trolls and socks out there, and your phone # is readily available, that it could invite some one to troll you once they knew “jenny george” was your target. your conversation with “JG” occurred soon after the NY Times article on nikki being a sock came out. that could totally encourage a sock or disturbed person to claim to be “JG”.

    on the other hand, maybe i’m too prone to like conspiracy theories since I was open to the theory that weiner was hacked even though he didn’t call for a policy investigation.

    So, maybe there’s more evidence that shows she couldn’t be a troll, but that info is not known to us.

  12. *police investigation

  13. If the person filing the police report isn’t JG , that person committed a crime.

  14. If there’s a hoaxer/third person out there threatening both JG and Lee , JG would be interested in helping Lee catch that hoaxer.

    But remember JG changed the accusation from “lee” to “lee follower”.

  15. TT, I agree…

  16. I wrote this at patterico:

    This theory is stupid.

    The woman calling lee were lying, an innocent JG wouldn’t do that.

    So assume that the caller was a hoaxer, why not lead Lee directly to JG in MA?

    Why would an innocent JG in MA first accuse Lee for the threats and then change it to “Lee follower”.

    Was the police report also filed by the hoaxer?
    That’s a crime, and now the hoaxer has showed herself to the police.
    And why tone it down just to “lee follower” if it was a hoaxer doing the filing?

    This is like the first weiner defense “Breitbart hacked me”.

    Breitbart was the one asking for a full investigation.

    If there’s someone that really threatened JG , Lee is the person who’s the most interested to see who’s behind that.

    If there’s a third person or group out there threatening people , every honest person want them caught.”

    There’s a lot more holes in the “hoaxer” theory than this, and anyone following this story should know.

  17. lee’s caller is a hoaxer, and the woman who contacted police is that same hoaxer. the kas remaining detail is to make sure this liar and forger of IDs and inventor of fictitious persons is not just posing as Jennifer George, student of screenwriting.

    I think it likely is she, but it would be better to confirm it.

  18. Kas = last. Farting ipad

  19. And that was supposed to say “farging ipad. ”

  20. Sarahw , as you say , in a way JG is a hoaxer if it’s her. But the “hoaxer” theory is that JG is totally innocent and got her ID stolen and the hoaxer instigates Lee and JG against each other.
    That is one the I think is wrong.
    It would be nice to get the most plausible explanation ( Lee’s “JG, the estranged groupie” theory ) confirmed.

  21. I’m not responding specifically to Patterico’s “hoaxer theory”. The biggest problem with Patterico’s specific theory is that Lee’s caller lies like a rug, which is not what an innocent person does. That caller uses many tried and true diversion techniques of hoaxers.

    However, there could actually be either ID theft or misrepresentation of identity by Lee’s caller.

    Lee’s caller, apparently the same person who went to the police with a [let us stipulate] false report, is the hoaxer.

    That caller, that report-maker, has been telling people she is Jennifer George (of MA), and claims to have originated the Starchild111 account on Twitter.

    That caller may not be Jennifer George (of MA), but merely someone purporting to have that identity.

    A Jennifer George (of MA) ostensibly exists, and has taken screenwriting courses from a UCLA professor who offers writer’s colonies/retreats for a side income stream. The professor is provided by a reference to Jan, and for some reason not well-understood by me, the police detective who visited her.

    If Lee’s caller, the hoaxer, is not, in truth, Jennifer George of MA, but merely someone using her name to hide their own (and could have been doing so with the origin of the twitter account), then somewhere out there is a real Jennifer George.

    I would assume the real Jennifer George has taken classes from the professor, (unless Lee’s caller is so devious as to have been using a false ID for those as well, which I doubt, though it is possible to use an alias or someone elses ID for many things.)

    I have no doubt that Lee’s caller is heavily invested in, interested in, the socking/ hoaxing, and is probably the Nikki sock and Marianela sock, and might be all the socks or in league with other sock/hoaxers.

    Lee has nothing but the liar-hoax-caller’s assertions to tie her someone known by the writing professor. If the caller really is her, she has lied rather atrociously and that includes lies about things that an innocent person wouldn’t hide, such as political affiliations or interests. The professor put the lie to her claims of being politically apathetic. So without question she is a liar.

    But a liar could be lying about being Jennifer George in the first place.

    I would prefer that there be some stronger tie between Lee’s caller and this Jennifer George who attended writing seminars hosted by the UCLA professor.

    No one should rely on Lee’s caller to be telling the truth about that.

  22. Still struggling to type English here.

    Boiling it down – Is Lee’s caller really the girl who attended writing classes, like she claims?

    There ought to be some way to confirm that to a higher degree than “Tommy Certainty”.

  23. SarahW, in that “ID theft” scenario the real JG MA would want to cooperate with Lee to catch the hoaxer, because the hoaxer is targeting both of them .
    But like wiener and his “I’m hacked by breitbart , but hey it’s just a prank” obfuscation , I dont see the honesty in JG MA behavior , if she’s aware of Lee.

    If it’s not JG ,what type of hoaxer would file a false police report? It’s to risky for just playing around, so what would be the motive?

  24. Lee, what is the timing of these events?

    – the 6/19 teary call you received from a JG
    – That same has JG call(s) with Preston
    – your 6/20 radio show in which you describe call details
    – any internet posts, comments, tweets etc. that you made regarding receiving call from JG
    – A real JG from Boston files police report at BPD precinct.

    In short, how much info, if any, was out there on your radio show and online from you regarding the JG call you received before the real JG MA filed the report at BPD?

  25. Ratskeller,

    BPD Detective could email a photo of the complainant JG to the Professor for verification that the same woman who filed the report is the one who studied with Prof.

  26. Which lies that Lee attributes to his JG MA caller are concretely lies, supported by facts?

    – The caller says she’s not following politics, doesn’t recognize Weiner story other than through entertainment TV shows, but the prof says she’s very liberal. Someone can be very liberal and not follow politics or watch news over entertainment. The prof’s assessment is subjective and this area doesn’t amount to a concrete lie.

    – Lee says that JG MA said she is/was in LA and is/was a student at UCLA. Did the prof say that JG MA only attended his retreats and she never attended UCLA? Did he say he only knows her from his out-of-state retreat home? That would be a factual conflict from her very own “proving I’m a real person” contact. But we don’t have the specifics on that.

    So which are the JG MA lies that are proven by facts rather than assertions?

  27. Points to note – who has talked to people on phone or met in person?

    – Tommy (real person) talked to female(s). He still hasn’t said if it was both Patricia and Nikki or not. (Were there two voices that Tommy believed to be two people? Did TC talk to Marianela?)

    – Lee & Preston (real people) talked to female JG MA.

    – JG MA (real person who filed BPD report) claims answering machine messages received, presumably from a male threatener.

    – JG MA who called Lee, same as above or not, presumably got message from male threatener

    – Professor & Wife (real people) know JG MA, a female

    – BPD desk officer & BPD Detective (real people) both met face-to-face with JG MA a female

    Who else has talked to people on phone or met in person? (Pat?, Mike?…not to our knowledge. Ron? anyone?)


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