Weinergate Proves Again How DailyKos Hates Facts

In Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem (and in Canadian power trio Rush’s 2112) the hero makes a discovery, brings it back to their community to share with other and then is promptly killed by the mob.

That ain’t fiction.

I learned about the level of crazy at DailyKos when I was banned from there for saying it seemed to me that John Edwards might have some explaining to do about being caught at the Beverly Hilton. The KosMob proved to be full of some of the most vehemently anti-factual rabid zombies I’d ever seen.

Well, #Weinergate brought them out in force in the Andrew Breitbart Edition. Man, they HATE Breitbart. That whole Alinsky personalization trick works, I tell ya.

So when #Weinergate broke, they just went ballistic and a diary attacking him went to the top of the Kos charts. In it, they accuse Breitbart of (literally) finding Russian porn and faking a screenshot.


A key part of that article pointed to PROOF that this was a HOAX by Andrew Breitbart by using ‘image analysis’ to prove that the screen shot was FAKE. It’s all in the article, so look for yourself if you want. This was touted over and over.

But not EVERYONE on DailyKos is a total moron. Enter FleetAdmiralJ, who also has a small blog called Mad Wombat. Now, Fleet isn’t doubting that the Weinergate thing is a hoax – because you really can’t do that on DKos – but he DID start asking questions about whether anyone had tested the ‘image analysis’ theory.

Remember, liberals pride themselves on being the pro-science people, unlike the medieval conservatives. So, you’d think a few of them would have wanted some…ya know…testing of some sort. An experiment to prove a hypothesis, as the lingo goes. However, that ‘pro-science’ thing is mainly something they tell themselves to feel superior, apparently, because when Fleet even suggested a test, he was attacked or ignored.

Now – it should be pointed out at this juncture that the entire idea of the screenshot being fake or not is, in and of itself, completely beside the point because Rep. Weiner has admitted that the photo was tweeted from his account. In fact, it’s been reported ” The tech-savvy congressman saw the picture almost immediately. “ (The issue is who posted it, Weiner or a hacker.) So, the whole premise of the DailyKos article discussing the ‘fake screenshot’ and the ‘image analysis’ proving it is totally, completely wrong – but there will be no retraction on DailyKos.

Back to the science test, though. So, a new diary goes to the top of DailyKos charts today – this one with a new theory; the new liberal Weiner narrative blaming PatriotUSA76 AND Breitbart, this time.


And in comments, Fleet asks some questions about the ‘image analysis’. Doesn’t get a thrilled response – but to this credit, Fleet actually does some science. He actually TESTS the theory.

And guess what?

No, really. Go ahead and guess.

Correctamundo! Turns out the theory doesn’t pan out. So Fleet does a diary at DailyKos – but this one does NOT go to the top of the charts.


He does get a few scattered congrats and some questions, but the diary is mostly ignored – but also comments like this.

Personally, I don’t see why we need (2+ / 0-)

another diary on this right now. stef’s diary was awesome enough, well explained and thoroughly debunking Breitbart.


If you were not swayed by her diary, then I can’t help you, and I certainly am not gonna help this diarist, who is quite clearly macking on stef’s shit.

NOT ok with me.

I was able to post 3 diaries about John Edwards before they banned me for life. Best of luck, Fleet.


  1. good gawd, they are like rabid dogs with a bone, aren’t they? they will repeat this meme until the end of time. for years to come, we will hear how Breitbart photoshopped the photo to set up Weiner. *eyeroll*

  2. Thanks for all of it but especially this:

    However, that ‘pro-science’ thing is mainly something they tell themselves to feel superior

  3. I just spent an hour reading the comments in Ministry of Truth’s diary entry, and holy hell. There’s maybe three posters who point out that Weiner said he was hacked, but these retards (I’m sorry. That was offensive) these dipshits (that’s better) still claim there was no hack, and breitbart is making the whole thing up. And sweet fancy moses, the hate on there.

    After weiners wife leaves him and he admits the affair, will breitbart be allowed (as the Kosters seem to think weiner should do) to sue the daily kos for libel and slander?

    My favorite comment on that blog comes after the “analysis:” “you sound like a birther.”


  4. Check out the Kos diary by Stef about the grand conspiracy and look for the comments of a poster with the phrase “TRex” in his handle. There’s only a few, but in one he posts step-by-step instructions on how Stef can go to Tweet Congress and verify that the tweet really came from Weiner’s account (which Stef refuses to admit).

    Faced with this, Stef responds by basically saying “I can’t get it to work”.

    Funny stuff.



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