What Is Neal Rauhauser Up To? Part 1

I haven’t talked much about Neal Ruahauser and his role in the Team Kimberlin story.

That’s about to change.

Here’s a document dump of recent emails between Neal and Ex Con’s View blogger Paul Lemmen.

No commentary from me right now. More coming.

From: neal rauhauser
Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 3:24 PM
Subject: Understanding what happened /w Aaron Walker
To: Paul Lemmen <
Cc: Justice Through Music (

   Just got back from my daily duties on Capitol Hill and I wanted to give you a little more background.
   First, the following people write about things and they tend to produce good background information, even though both are ideologically biased.

    Lane Lipton – http://qritiq.wordpress.com – she has been tracking the Weinergate saga and probably has a better grasp than most. She is assisted by @ronbyrn, who is as crazy as a bed bug, but he was a damned good researcher before he became unwell in 2010, so he digs and digs, then rants and rants, then people help him sort out truth from fiction. Also in the mix is Mike Stack, @CryingWolfeBlog, the only real swatting victim so far – he got done 6/23/2011, and it was due to his involvement in Weinergate, not due to anything Brett did – he’d never heard of him until about three months ago when Aaron Walker prompted him to blog about him. There was one post, since taken down.
   Breitbart Unmasked – http://breitbartunmasked.com – dunno who this is, guy frankly scares the crap out of me – seems like former military intel, diplomatic corps, or some such. We’ve had back channel discussions, he’s been to the sandbox, he’s “seen the elephant”, so to speak.
   The bad actors in this, by my book, include:
   Seth Allen, South Easton, MA. Psych disability, constant internet troll, sued by Brett after two years of smearing him, he finally turned up for a damages hearing on September 14th of last year, and got arrested for disorderly conduct. You can Google Maryland Court cases, this all happened in Rockville, which is in Montgomery County. It’s Seth L. Allen, search for cases between about 9/1/2011 and today to see the whole story.
    Someone was funding Seth and it was either John Patrick Frey, or Aaron Walker. We know this via an admission in a court filing – he couldn’t come to a hearing because his ‘friend’ would not send him $200 to make the trip. Walker showed up at a contempt hearing January 9th in Rockville. He is a Virginia lawyer, but tried to insert himself into the proceedings. The judge ejected him, he waited outside the court room, and then assaulted Brett, acting on the mistaken belief that Brett’s iPad was a bomb. This we know via admissions he made during a later peace order hearing. LIke Allen, this man has mental difficulties – he has admitted to some perceptual problems that required special allowances during law school – private exam rooms, and in court he is simply unable to contain himself, which offends the judge Every! Single! Time! He’s Aaron Justin Walker, again with the court search, and limit dates from 1/1/2012 through today.
   I think Frey is the center of this crap – he has been investigated twice for stalking/harassment (Brett, both times), he is now being sued by Nadia Naffe for dumping her documents. If you look at the history he has taken advantage of Seth Allen (psych disability), Ron Brynaert (psych disability), Aaron Walker (will be on psych disability, he’s done as a lawyer IMHO), and I suspect he has his fingers in what “Michelle Lessick” aka @ZAPEM does(probable psych disability, always online, always spouting conspiracy theories). No court cases for him in Maryland (yet) and I sent you the relevant pieces on him in earlier PDFs.
   Weinergate is a puzzle, but here is my studied opinion on the matter. Mike Grimm, former FBI undercover, now Congressman for NY-13 attempted to extort a Jewish congregation on Staten Island. The rabbi went to Weiner, he reported it, and that got the investigation rolling. A couple of weeks later a crew started following Weiner online, presenting porn stars, hookers, fake underage teens, trying to get him sexting. They fabricated some teens, leaked it, and we almost broke it up before he was forced to resign. Weiner finally came out about the stuff with Grimm in May – he waited until the primary was done, then saddled the GOP with a guy that may get indicted.
   Frey dropped Naffe’s dox in order to intimidate/guide people in how to attack her. This was done to protect James O’Keefe – Frey has been his most vocal defender, and I think they used to work together. So that’s an obstruction of justice attempt in New Hampshire, and it probably just overflowed into federal stuff due to one of O’Keefe’s crew posing as Attorney General Eric Holder and attempting to vote using his name.
  Also on my bad actors list, but lacking specific court docs here to back it up, are:
   Mandy Nagy aka @Liberty_Chick. Mouthy pain in the ass, Seth’s original arrest was triggered in part by her reporting a death threat he made to Brett to the Montgomery County police (check me, Brett – was it there, or South Easton, where he lives?)
   Douglas Matthew Stewart aka @dmatthewstewart. He is a stupid little con man, only plausible to grade schoolers, and he does astonishingly stupid stuff. He was involved in a computer intrusion at nextstreet.com, dumping private information. I interviewed the victim and they declined to pursue it. He’s done this several times since, but I never get a good solid read so I can set the feds on him. He’s such a shit he’s not a high priority – I figure he’s gonna hang himself pretty quickly the way he plays.
   I will provide what court room audio and documents I have if you need more than the web site provides. I should mention that I faced harassment charges from Mike Stack in New Jersey. He was steered to attack me – he’s another person on psych disability that Frey picked out and victimized. I prepared counter charges, but thought better of it, and it was all dismissed via mediation several weeks ago. He seems a nice enough guy in person, but he is very easily led, and he ends up on point for stuff no competent adult would involve themselves in …
   I am going to also send an introductory email for you and Jeannie McBride – she’s @JeannieMcBride on Twitter, and she’s been through the wringer with “Michelle Lessick”, @SwiftRead, @GregWHoward, etc. Her daughter was snatched off the street and violently raped literally the same week that she had a falling out with that group, and they spent six months broadcasting personal information about her and her daughter, telling her that they were going to help the rapist find her so he could do both of them. She and I are polar opposites on policy, but we talk on the phone about kids and our sore backs and these crazy people who bother us – she’s good people, and I think right near Nashville.
   It’s an enormous wad of crap to digest, and it would be amazingly good if you’d help sort out fact from fiction on this stuff …
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: neal rauhauser
Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 7:20 PM
Subject: Re: Howard Berkowitz
To: lemmen

 Everyone’s life is the same length – beginning, end, and the middle stretches from point A to point B. It’s how you use it that matters. You’ve done some crazy, epic shit over the years, like Catch Me If You Can in real life. Now you’re on final approach, and you’re cleaning house hardcore, like few I’ve ever seen since I went through my big change about twenty years ago. Humbles me, it does, to see someone testing the line between rigorous honesty and brutal honest, which is your last epic move 🙂

 You want a final bit of service work, take the time to read through that crap I sent you, and call bullshit where you see bullshit. I swear these guys are trying to drag us into a civil war, and the whole thing is such a muddle now the real journalists are afraid to touch it. I got more to show you, gotta dig out files and stuff … you had Iraq, I got this stuff, it’s been one hairy escape after the next for the last two years, and I really hope this is the beginning of the end. I am so tired of it – had to change careers, move twice, lost two good women over this crap. Fixing to break into my serenity a bit, this thing, and I hope they find someone else to obsess over.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 6:56 PM, lemmen  wrote:

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 6:52 PM, neal rauhauser wrote:

Oh, shit. Well apology it is then. I feel ya on the kidney stuff – mine are polycystic, been causing trouble since 2000 or so, and I got Lyme in 2007, so I’m basically consultant or not working at all – I have lots of fatigue issues – will have a good month or even two, then a week straight of afternoon naps if I eat the wrong thing even one day.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 6:50 PM, lemmen <plemmen55@gmail.com> wrote:

I’ll see what I can do. $120 is a big chunk for me, that’s 10% of my disability check. Bad heart (5 stents during my federal stay) another in February and drifting from CKD stage 4 into end-stage-renal-disease. No one in their right mind would hire me. Not that I could perform the work either.

Paul H Lemmen


— —

Same same here. afternoon naps, fall asleep after every meal, can’t walk without a cane and even then, a hundred feet saps my strength.

Paul H Lemmen

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  1. Breitbart Unmasked – http://breitbartunmasked.com – dunno who this is, guy frankly scares the crap out of me – seems like former military intel, diplomatic corps, or some such.

    Wait, Rauhauser has no idea who BU is? Didn’t BU post the ruling from the hearing Rauhauser attended with Kimberlin against Walker within minutes of it being available? I’m sure that was the first place I saw it, but like so many other things, it’s now deleted. Rauhauser is either extraordinarily gullible or a really bad liar. Or both. BU was in the court. BU is Kimberlin.


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