What Is Neal Rauhauser Up To? Pt. 2 : Neal on Brett

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 9:20 AM,neal rauhauser wrote:

I can think of no one more redeemed + active than brett. He’s basically the shadow 96th us atty’s office – hardcore anti-corruption ninja. Hook him up?

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  1. Yeah, that’s the story.

    The hero prevented murdering Karl Rove from stealing the 2008 election, and if you don’t open up your wallet *generously*, why they will steal some more elections. Anti corruption ninja! Transparency! Freedom of Speech! And for the greater good, of course some concessions of freedom (from critics) will be required. Because the vast right wing conspiracy is going to diebold the election away!

    Voter ID? A dirty trick!

    Thanks, Barbara Streisand, Ms Kerry, and Mr Soros!


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