What Is Neal Rauhauser Up To? Pt. 3 : More On Brett

From: neal rauhauser

Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 5:08 PM
Subject: Re: Jeannie McBride / PaulLemmen intro
To: lemmen

Got you a start with the previous post – the one with names, you can look for yourself on their court cases here in Maryland – just Google “Maryland court cases”, it’s all in Montgomery County. Seth L. Allen, Aaron Justin Walker, everything starts mid September of last year. Attaching the docs about Frey and O’Keefe again.

  More on Brett – locked up for bombing, freed early, received a massive false imprisonment settlement, details are sealed. The only evidence it was him was collected under hypnosis – not a valid source of evidence. They wanted it off the books and quickly, he was a convenient target.
  He faced a wrongful death suit from the family of Julia Scyphers. He was never a serious suspect in her murder, but they saw him as a payday because he was locked up, and he’d been handling some pretty large volumes of drugs. The judge, Michael T. Dugan, tried to shake him down for $10k in exchange for a favorable ruling. Kimberlin filed a complaint, and pretty soon the judge faces an eighteen year sentence for racketeering.
  Plenty more where this came from, it’s like trying to eat an entire elephant at once …


  1. I never knew Brett got a wrongful death judgment in the Scyphers execution.
    Brett’s parole was revoked because of his dishonest and egregious behavior in evading the judgment he owed Sandra Delong, a bombing victim.

    It is not true that the photographic and physical evidence, such as explosives and timers, proving Kimberlin was the bomber, was collected under hypnosis. The prosecution’s unreliable hypnosis evidence should have been excluded, but because of the overwhelming evidence beyond that unreliable evidence, the convicted was sustained upon appeal. The idea that the details of a ‘false sentence’ are ‘sealed’ is truly batty.

    I believe the rest of the details above are similarly screwed up. Good liars provide just a hint or piece of truth to build lies around. Read Citizen K (I’m sure Lee has read it multiple times) and it’s easy to see through this crap.

  2. I slept through a wake-up call once. But then, I didn’t really want to get up.

  3. “received a massive false imprisonment settlement, details are sealed.”

    So that’s how the left explains Kimberlin being able to pay his bills and stuff — he’s living off some “secret massive false imprisonment settlement” money. Who knew that would pay better than the lottery?


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