What Saying The Video Was A Factor In Benghazi Does NOT Mean…

What Saying The Video Was A Factor In Benghazi Does NOT Mean…

As I’ve been researching and reporting the truth about the attack on Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up by the Obama administration, I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of resistance to the notion that The Innocence of Muslims was a factor in the attack… despite the clear evidence that it was a factor.

Here’s a quick recap of some of that evidence; most people have never heard or seen any of this.

Think The Innocence of Muslims was only seen by a handful of people in the Middle East prior to 9/11/12? Think the video only had a few hundred views on YouTube, therefore nobody saw it?

In my exclusive interview with Florida Pastor Terry Jones, he discusses how the The Innocence of Muslims video was introduced and promoted in the Middle East and how it was known in the Middle East that it was going to be played on September 11th, 2012.

Even more significant, however, is Jones talking about how both the State Department and the military were concerned about the impact of the video but instead of increasing security at embassies, they called Terry Jones and asked him not to play the video. This is inexcusable.

Here’s The Innocence of Muslims being discussed on Egyptian TV on 9/8/12. It’s in Arabic but you can see that they show a clip. They hold up a newspaper at the beginning showing that the video was discussed in the paper. At 1:28 you can hear them say “Terry Jones.”

But how do we know the video was known in Benghazi? 

Yes, Hicks said it. He was wrong. Yes, Fox News said that but Fox News also said:

On July 1, the video was first posted online; Arab TV stations in a number of countries soon began covering it.  The religious Egyptian TV channel al-Nas broadcast scenes on Sept. 8, and a clip dubbed into Arabic was then posted online. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched it in mere days.

Ultimately, four Americans including Ambassador J Christopher Stevens, were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.  Reports have linked the attack to reaction to the video, as well as terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.

The news reports from immediately after the attack clearly mention The Innocence of Muslims.

Here’s a video that was posted the morning after the attack, showing an angry man talking — in English — about The Innocence of Muslims.

Saying the video was a factor is NOT saying…

It’s NOT saying it was a spontaneous protest.

It wasn’t. It was a planned attack and the video was a factor.

It’s NOT saying it’s the videos “fault.”

The problem is the jihadist philosophy, not the video.

Movies that attack Christianity are released constantly. The reaction is quite different.

Saying that the video was a factor isn’t the same as saying it’s their fault.

It’s NOT about a touchy-feely concern about motive.

It’s about getting the facts right, which means getting the story right.

It matters.

If you claim that nobody knew about the video prior to the attack, you’re making an error. You’re saying something that’s wrong.

Being wrong isn’t cool. 



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